Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai 1st special review

(UPDATE: ADDED WEBMS). After months of delays we finally get to see what the blu-ray special would be all about, and it definitely didn’t lack for fanservice.


Unfortunately, we haven’t found a video source yet, but nylon66 posted stills on his blog.  Here are some of the highlights:



Wow, how long was this special?  They found a way to get at least partial nudity in for almost every character in the show.  There’s more nudity in this one special than in the entire TV series that came before it.  Hopefully the upcoming blu-ray releases can keep this up!


Edit:  Added some HD webms!



webm album

The special was a whopping 13 minutes long.  Apparently the 2nd blu-ray will have another 13 minute special.  Blu-ray releases 3-5 currently do not list a special on them so it looks like next month will be it for specials barring a stroke of good luck.