Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Fanservice Review Episode 01

Every now and then you’ll have a nude ecchi show that comes out of nowhere, and this appears to be one such case.

The first episode contains obvious nipple censorship, and the themes of the series are unambiguously ecchi.


As the title (How my Sister and I Became Light Novel Authors) suggests, the series carries a Wincest vibe.  The violet haired twintails girl (Suzuka) is the MC’s (Yuu’s) sister, and apparently we come to find out that she has a huge crush on her unwitting brother.


Fortunately, this show isn’t just pure wincest, but hints at being a harem anime.  The second harem candidate introduced is a 20 year old who looks like a loli (above).  She appears to have a similar role in this anime to Maria from Testament.


This is a fantasy sequence (above) where the lolita describes a wincest scene to the MC, Yuu.  As you can see there is some image based censorship and this kind almost always results in nudity on BD.  There are other reasons for optimism, more on that later.


The lolita then shows Yuu a magazine picture drawn by a famous artist.  We get censorship there.  Later she leans over and we get a down-shirt look, with more censorship.  Loli service, yes!


The story of this anime is about the Yuu’s ambition of becoming a light novel author, but unfortunately for him he just isn’t that talented.  His application in a writing contest is rejected, however it seems one submitter had written a particularly impressive manuscript and won the contest outright, which is said to be unusual in the anime.

As it turns out, the winner was Yuu’s sister, Suzuka.  Her light novel was, of course, a wincest fantasy.  We learn later that she appears to actually be in love her brother.

Suzuka has too much standing to lose by accepting the reward, so she talks her brother into accepting it on her behalf.  They form a brother-sister team to write wincest light novels, with the brother posing as the sole author.


Yuu meets up with his light novel publicist, which is of course a tall vixen voiced by (who else?) Eri Kitamura, giving her prominent voice roles in both of the nude ecchi shows this season (she also voices Homura in Senran Kagura, as well as many, many past ecchi roles).

She even forces Yuu to grab and feel up her breasts, in public, after she coaxes him into admitting he’s a virgin.  Her reasoning being that he needs to know what a real breast feels like so he can write better.


Remember that censored magazine nude image from earlier and the famous artist who drew it?  Well it turns out the artist was also at this party, and she’s a voluptuous megane blonde.


Here we see yet another harem candidate, the most popular girl from Yuu’s school.  It’s unclear why she’s at this publisher’s event though, and dressed to kill.


End of episode.




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Overall Thoughts


I didn’t even include this anime in the season preview, because the light novel seemed fairly innocent at a glance, and nothing that I saw screamed obvious nudity.

However, what I did not know is that the anime is being directed by Hiroyuki Furukawa, who had previously directed Masou Gakuen HxH.  Apparently the animation is being done by a company that Furukawa headed up, which suggests that he has a huge amount of control with how this anime is being handled.

It’s hard to explain well, but this episode did remind me of HxH in the sense that the ecchi elements are very unrealistic and cliched.  Which honestly, I don’t mind at all.

More importantly, there is an upcoming theater screening of this episode uncensored on October 19th.  AT-X also lists the episodes as having a parental lock.  So it’s possible the next episodes might show nipples if we get an AT-X raw uploaded.

This show itself is decently fun, mostly from the introduction of harem characters and a fairly unique premise.  The production values aren’t great, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of this show, and seeing how ecchi it gets.