Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Fanservice Review Episodes 7-8

Too little, too late in episode eight.

Episode 07


The smiley faces are a nice touch.


End card.  For whatever reason there was no end card for episode eight.


Episode 08


I wish there were more sneaky good butt shots like this one.






webm album



Overall Thoughts


It’s cool seeing these girls finally get some nudey time, albeit far too late.  And I guess it isn’t saying a ton, but the art quality was relatively decent this week compared to the derpy outsourced looking crap we’d seen before.  Whoever directed this week was a big fan of the early seasons of High School DxD, sharing the same obsession with long, sideways shots.

The plot of episode eight sets up a fun premise in the last two episodes as MC-Kun needs some Imouto-complex “training” with his sister and one of the other girls.  Hopefully they figure out ways to cram in nude scenes for the remaining characters, but at this point it’s looking like they are relying almost completely on the specials for that.