Orfina manga fanservice compilation

Orfina Saga vol. 3 (8)

Now updated to include the prequel manga Orfina Saga.


Here’s a direct link to the newly added Orfina Saga  section.



Orfina (12 volumes + 8 Orfina Saga volumes + Orfina Rquniecca, all complete)



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Orfina  spanned 12 volumes and spawned a prequel named Orfina Saga , which went 8 volumes.

(Orfina Saga  has now been included in the gallery above and also in the download all link.)

There is also a semi-hentai spinoff which appears to be by the same mangaka, entitled Orfina Rquniecca .  Since it’s probably canon (or close enough), I went ahead and included it with the compilation of the main series.