OVA Spotlight: Blue Submarine No. 6

It’s time for something new. It’s the start of a series of reviews focusing on little known examples of nudity/fanservice in OVAs. This new project was partly inspired by Wizard’s post: “The Top 25 Most Surprising Nude Scenes Ever“, that and who doesn’t enjoy finding that unexpected nude scene?. So why OVAs? Whether it be a stand-alone project or an expansion of a TV series, OVAs allow creators to break free from the restrictions that’s typical of a TV broastcast series. Sometimes they take the fanservice to new heights.  But it’s also a chance for them to  do something very different.

Blue Submarine No. 6(Ao no Roku-gō) or Blue 6 for short, was a four episode OVA series produced by Gonzo in 2000. The story is based off Ao no Roku-gō AO6(1998) which is a revision of a 1967 manga; both written by Satoru Ozawa. Range Murata(Last Exile) provided character designs. There were two video games that expanded on the story.

Why start with Blue 6? The series was an experiment, it was an opportunity to try something different which is a prime example of what OVAs are. Now what was really unique about the anime was it’s use of nudity solely from non-humans. While that might sound odd, it makes sense when you when watch it. It isn’t the ecchi kind of nudity that’s all too common nowadays but nudity is nudity and boobs are boobs. To revist an anime from 16 years ago was very interesting ; so if you haven’t seen Blue 6, you definitely need to check it out one day.

Episode 1:  Blue6_OVA1_(1073)Kino, 18 yrs old. Most of the time she’s wearing a diver’s suit.Blue6_OVA1_(1002) Blue6_OVA1_(1003) Blue6_OVA1_(1004) Blue6_OVA1_(1005)Our MC, Hayami, isn’t impressed with barely-there-cleavage. Blue6_OVA1_(1006) Blue6_OVA1_(1007) Blue6_OVA1_(1008) stitch_ep1_001 copy Blue6_OVA1_(1010) Blue6_OVA1_(1012) Blue6_OVA1_(1013) Blue6_OVA1_(1014)And there they are. Probably the least detailed nipples I’ve ever seen. Blue6_OVA1_(1015) Blue6_OVA1_(1016) Blue6_OVA1_(1017) stitch_ep1_002 Blue6_OVA1_(1019) Blue6_OVA1_(1020) Blue6_OVA1_(1021) Blue6_OVA1_(1022) Blue6_OVA1_(1023) Blue6_OVA1_(1024)stitch_ep1_005 Blue6_OVA1_(1026)

Blue6_OVA1_(1050)Blue6_OVA1_(1051)Blue6_OVA1_(1052)Blue6_OVA1_(1053)Blue6_OVA1_(1054)It appears that nipples become erect in water.Blue6_OVA1_(1055)Blue6_OVA1_(1058)Blue6_OVA1_(1059)Blue6_OVA1_(1060)Blue6_OVA1_(1061)Blue6_OVA1_(1062)Blue6_OVA1_(1063)Blue6_OVA1_(1064)

Episode 2: Blue6_OVA2_(1001)Blue6_OVA2_(1002) Blue6_OVA2_(1003) Blue6_OVA2_(1004) Blue6_OVA2_(1005) Blue6_OVA2_(1006) Blue6_OVA2_(1007) Blue6_OVA2_(1008)This one who is called Mutio, and her many sisters are basically ‘combat soldiers’. Blue6_OVA2_(1009) Blue6_OVA2_(1010)

It’s also implied they have another’role’.Blue6_OVA2_(1011) Blue6_OVA2_(1012) Blue6_OVA2_(1013) Blue6_OVA2_(1014) Blue6_OVA2_(1015) Blue6_OVA2_(1016) Blue6_OVA2_(1017) Blue6_OVA2_(1018)

Episode 3:Blue6_OVA3_(1001) Blue6_OVA3_(1002)Probably the highlight of the series is when these two are alone together. Blue6_OVA3_(1003) Blue6_OVA3_(1004) Blue6_OVA3_(1005) Blue6_OVA3_(1006) Blue6_OVA3_(1007) Blue6_OVA3_(1008) Blue6_OVA3_(1009) Blue6_OVA3_(1010)

Blue6_OVA3_(1011) Blue6_OVA3_(1012) Blue6_OVA3_(1014)
Blue6_OVA3_(1015)stitch_ep3_000 Blue6_OVA3_(1017)Thinking there need to be a doujinshi of this scene? You won’t have to look very far.Blue6_OVA3_(1018) Blue6_OVA3_(1028) Blue6_OVA3_(1029)
stitch_ep3_001 Blue6_OVA3_(1031) Blue6_OVA3_(1032) Blue6_OVA3_(1033) Blue6_OVA3_(1034) Blue6_OVA3_(1035) Blue6_OVA3_(1036) Blue6_OVA3_(1037)Let’s not forget our only human female. No need to ask why she’s depressed.Blue6_OVA3_(1038) Blue6_OVA3_(1039) Blue6_OVA3_(1040) Blue6_OVA3_(1041) Blue6_OVA3_(1043) Blue6_OVA3_(1044)Whether it’s hunting or mating season, he knows he won’t survive this. Blue6_OVA3_(1056)Blue6_OVA3_(1057)Blue6_OVA3_(1046)Blue6_OVA3_(1047)Blue6_OVA3_(1048)Blue6_OVA3_(1049)Blue6_OVA3_(1050)Watching these tits move was strangely enjoyable.Blue6_OVA3_(1052)Blue6_OVA3_(1053)Blue6_OVA3_(1054)Blue6_OVA3_(1055)


Blue6_OVA3_(1068)Blue6_OVA3_(1069)Blue6_OVA3_(1070)Yeah, something  happened to production quality here.Blue6_OVA3_(1071)Blue6_OVA3_(1072)Blue6_OVA3_(1073)Blue6_OVA3_(1074)Blue6_OVA3_(1075)Blue6_OVA3_(1076)Blue6_OVA3_(1077)Blue6_OVA3_(1078)Blue6_OVA3_(1079)Blue6_OVA3_(1080)

Blue6_OVA3_(1087)Blue6_OVA3_(1089)Blue6_OVA3_(1090)Blue6_OVA3_(1081)Blue6_OVA3_(1082)Blue6_OVA3_(1084)In a word: Moe.Blue6_OVA3_(1086)



Episode 4:Blue6_OVA4_(1001) Blue6_OVA4_(1004)Blue6_OVA4_(1003) Blue6_OVA4_(1005) Blue6_OVA4_(1006) Blue6_OVA4_(1007) Blue6_OVA4_(1012) Blue6_OVA4_(1015) Blue6_OVA4_(1018) Blue6_OVA4_(1019) Blue6_OVA4_(1020) Blue6_OVA4_(1021) Blue6_OVA4_(1022) Blue6_OVA4_(1016)Trees with breast. Sure, why the hell not. Blue6_OVA4_(1017)

Promo-Art:cc89d6ef0acf682ccef92ee5123c339dIf only the anime could come close to Range Murata’s quality. hyu5340 yande.re 29073 blue_submarine_6 range_murata


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