OVA Spotlight: Saikano: Another Love Song

The 2nd entry of our OVA spotlight reviews.
Saikano: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet, also known as “She, the Ultimate Weapon” was a manga written by¬† Shin Takahashi. In 2002, Gonzo produced a 13 episode anime adaptation, followed by 2 OVAs in 2005 which were produced by Studio Fantasia(Aika Zero). And a live-action film released in 2006.

The TV series was a very tame adaptation of the mang; only a couple of brief non-nude moments toward the end, including the sex scene. The manga had many nude scenes and focused heavily on the “adult” themes of the story. In the last few chapters the sex scene which has been best described as “raw animal sex”; no joke, seriously. So nudity was only in the manga until the OVAs and what a surprise it was.

Note: Since there’s no HD version, a DVD source was used.
Episode 1:OVA1_00001 OVA1_00003Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 06crp OVA1_00004 OVA1_00005Saikano_OVA1_ (62)Saikano_OVA1_ (85)Saikano_OVA1_ (160)Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 07crpSaikano_OVA_stitch_ 07flt

OVA1_00006 OVA1_00009 Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 08b OVA1_00010 OVA1_00017 Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 09 Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 09flt OVA1_00018 OVA1_00020 OVA1_00023Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 10OVA1_00028OVA1_00030OVA1_00032OVA1_00034OVA1_00035OVA1_00038OVA1_00040OVA1_00041OVA1_00042OVA1_00044OVA1_00047OVA1_00056OVA1_00058OVA1_00059OVA1_00061OVA1_00064

Now this is what a ‘see-thru-shirt’ should be like.OVA1_00067OVA1_00070OVA1_00072Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 11OVA1_00074OVA1_00075OVA1_00076OVA1_00078Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 13OVA1_00080OVA1_00081OVA1_00083

The scars are kinda a turn-off.OVA1_00086OVA1_00087OVA1_00088Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 05 copySaikano_OVA_stitch_ 05fltSaikano_OVA_stitch_ 03 copySaikano_OVA_stitch_ 03flt

Episode 2:OVA2_00009

Weirdly the scars appear and disappear at their own will. OVA2_00012 OVA2_00014 OVA2_00017 OVA2_00020 OVA2_00023 Saikano_OVA_stitch_ 14

Considering she had no boobs in the TV series, this is a BIG improvement.
OVA2_00024 OVA2_00026

OVA2_00030 OVA2_00032 OVA2_00034 OVA2_00037 OVA2_00038

One last look before she flies away. OVA2_00039 OVA2_00042 OVA2_00044 OVA2_00045


Artwork by Takahashi Shin:0b48fb39cb0e23c4da7b42b4897e8261goodlovesongs017ebedca2839b794ab10a0f6f90ba35a231 lovesongs031e

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