Pastel Memories Fanservice Review Episode 5

Are you ready for some wild shogi?

The fifth episode of this really peculiar show keeps entertaining us with parodies… oh well… as long as they (at least try to) make some fanservice drift my way, I’ll not argue.

Today, our protagonists are Chimari (central), Nao (left) and Minami (right)…

…and the victim of this episode is Ryuuou no Oshigoto! (The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!), with some shoutout to Saki, as well…

Chimari (above) is going through a hard time since she’s flat as a board totally useless, and keeps getting helped by her friends, and isn’t able to do much more than muttering quotes from generals of the Sengoku era.

Back in the Rabbit’s Shed, the fad of shogi (sort-of japanese chess) is in vogue, and Irina (the blondie half-russian with a fetishism for firearms) is grinding girls into that. She tries to pull Chimari in as well, since she plays a bit with her family during holydays…

All this hassle thanks to someone bringing out of the storage “The Shogi King’s Big Job” a novel about a hot-blooded young shogi champion that teaches shogi to his young pupil…

(I swear, it’s all pure and pristine!)


We also discover that Ayaka (bespectacled, big boobs, black hair… Yes, her!) has a kink for yaoi doujinshi and side-stories full of homo-lust… we had already seen something about that every time she rummages in the storage…

But no time to explore her fujioshi fantasies (thankfully, if I may have a say), since the Black Elites attack the world of “The Shogi King’s Big Job“. Probably Maya is still angry with little girls stealing all the attention.

Well, nevermind. Chimari, Nao and Minami are on duty for virus-hunting, so -once again- here we go.


Unsurprisingly, they end up on the streets of the city of the abovementioned novel and are immediately attacked by a shogi virus that can’t be beaten unless you solve the shogi problem (is kind of a “Checkmate in 3 steps” quiz). Obviously muscle-brain Nao starts repenting about not going through Irina’s shogi training.

Things get heated when the shogi virus explodes, but then a girl steps in and solve the quiz in a matter of seconds (if you watched Ryuuou no Oshigoto, you know which character she’s modeled after).


Even though the kid comes in and saves the day, more and more shogi viruses show up, so they are forced to retreat in a safe house.

Here, the little girl reveals she’s an in-training shogi professional player and that some days ago a sadistic old hag arrived and kidnapped her master and all the other shogi professionals. Furthermore, she can’t go in since normal viruses float around the shogi palace, and she can’t fight them.

So, the girls promise to protect the little Mai from normal viruses, while she can beat all the shogi viruses.


So, they end up storming the building of the shogi association, break through the heavy guarded gates and then Mai makes her way through every sort of shogi-like game.

Really, EVERY type of game involving shogi.

Even things that just resemble shogi.

Even games that have absolutely nothing to do with shogi…

RON! (what the hell are they doing…?)


The situation is so ludicrious that at a certain moment Chinami tries to step in to play something and try to be at least a bit useful in this episode…

To no avail, apparently, so after setting out an explosion or two she settles for carrying the exhausted Mai from one floor to the next.

(a bit more and this could’ve been a panty-shot… )


Finally, they arrive to the top floor. Here, the sadistic old hag is imprisoning the shogi masters…

Ok, here the sexy young lady is imprisoning the shogi masters… and apparently takes advantage of the situation to smother the Shogi-king a bit, in a way that few there could do…

(I think she could’ve taken over this world without actually kidnapping the shogi masters…)


That said, Maya challenges our heroines to a shogi battle, which Mai promptly accepts. So a mother-virus steps in and starts playing against the young girl.

(this is a really well-mannered mother-virus)

(can you feel their burning passion for shogi?)


Well, either way, Maya seems to be losing this one time too, so she decides to send in the normal viruses, to harass the girl (since apparently this is not cheating…). Chimari & co. steps in, beating around the ball-viruses like the flying pipsqueaks they are.

And after a moment where Mai seems about to faint from the tension, Chimari helps her and with the power of… friendship (?) … yeah… with the power of friendship, they win the match!


The mother-virus can’t stand the disgrace of losing and therefore explodes, sending Maya flying away.


All’s well that ends well. This world is safe too and the girls can go back to the Rabbit’s Shed, where Chimari now full of baseless self-confidence (since she literally didn’t do anything in the whole episode) proceeds to mopping the floor with Irina and her shogi skills learned through mangas.


The cleavage shots are courtesy of Minami and Maya.

Overall thoughts: There’s really not much to add about this episode too. Is all packed of parody-fanservice… which is not the one we actively seek out here. It still makes you grin often for all the cameos and references, but the fact they keep the real fanservice to the bare minimun -and apparently do so¬†purposely- is pretty annoying. Still, the quality of some CG and action scenes¬† is quite good (also, should be added that Minami’s breasts are probably firm as rocks, since I didn’t saw them jiggle even a single time in the whole episode).

Stitches (and many screens and WebM)

courtesy of ScissorMeTimbers.