Pastel Memories, Fanservice Review Episode 6

This show finally gets down to business…

…or not.

The episode 6 of Pastel Memories finally give us a bit of the fanservice it promises during the ending theme.

Is this enough? Can we hope for more?

Don’t ask me, I’m here mostly because I got swindled by certain babes in swimsuits… 😯

Well… back to our usual format, this time our protagonists are Izumi (left), Rei (center) and Minami (right)…

Uh… Minami is in two episodes in a row… I wonder how she managed to get that popular… I hold responsibles her not-so-well hidden assets.

The parodied show this round is Tottoko Hamtarou, with some shotouts to Shirokuma Cafe and various children’s anime we won’t bother to list.

Cleavages are mainly courtesy of Minami (and main reason for half of the screens of this review), be sure to thank her.



Another day in the Rabbit’s Shed. Nejiusa (the obnoxious plush rabbit), thinking to be cute, plays tricks on sleeping Izumi (that sleeps because in that damn maid cafe there’s never a single guest). Pretty much all normal, until Izumi catches Rei making Gunpla (gundam or gundam-like models), intrigued she decides to get to know better the aloof girl (a bona fide tsundere), but to no avail. Even going home together proves fruitless, even though Rei seems to be a sucker for cute animals (like that one shiba dog that lets all the passerby pet him).


The next day Rei tries to pet the same dog to her own heart content, while no one is around, but a “young and sexy lady” (self-proclaimed) get to the dog before our titular tsundere and after that she gets one-upped even by a bunch of kids. Seriously, I don’t know how that dog survives them everyday…

(does she remind you of someone? )


Back to the cafe, Izumi (being the busybody she is) asks the other girls if they can help her in getting close to Rei, and they end up with the idea of gifting her some plush toys  taken from the storage area of the cafe. With mixed results… until Nejiusa senses that a cute plush toy is being adored and rushes in to assert dominance as the cutest mascot in the cafe.

(you may not recognize her immediately, but the one on the left is Komachi… you know… blondie, ponytail, tiger-bikini?)


Obviously, the girls’ reactions are hilarious with just a couple of exceptions, for whom Nejiusa is way more than grateful.


As note for above, all the girls talk about Nejiusa as he’s male, so think what you want of the sneaky little bastard (also, we duly note that while Rei is certainly not the most well endowed in this show, she’s not on the small side, as the sleazy plushie can attest).

(just for your knowledge, here he’s talking to Rei and Michi, not to Rei’s boobs… probably…)


They could’ve gone with this for 20 minutes straight, if you want my opinion. But apparently that’s not my call, so for one reason or the other the world of Unimpressive Chutaro (the plush toy) is under attack and therefore this midly interesting scene ends.


Here we go, back to doing the butcher’s work on poor viruses. Izumi and company ends up in the forest of the abovementioned show, where they are approached by the oh-so-cute hamsters (or whatever local rodents they are) and just before Rei can finally pet one, they turn out to be already infected by viruses and proceed to attack our heroines.


Some animals from random shows show up and try to get a piece of them (literally), until Izumi and friends get blasted away by some flying thingies that seem to be runaways from Angry Birds.

(Doronjo-dynamic-exits always make you focus on a character most preeminent trait, right?) (Nice Maya, this time you are almost pulling it off.)


In the process, Rei is separated from the other two and stumbles into titular protagonist Chutaro. After getting aquainted with him, she reveals her true dissolute self, and starts petting him like there’s no tomorrow.


Maya passing through there sees them and, even though she could have the viruses stomp on Rei like a carpet, decides to go through a more mischievous and horrid plan rather than trying to win at least one time in the whole show. In the meantime, Izumi and Minami are roaming the wilderness in their totally mimetic and protective outfits. No objection from me.


Minutes later, Rei finally reaches Chutaro’s surviving gang and, with no opposition whatsoever, she proceeds on brutally pamper them. Her degenerate act is stopped only when Izumi and Minami arrive, almost at the same time as Maya, ready to enact her evil scheme.

(Minami should be in every episode, if you want my opinion)


Maya starts her plan, spreading around photos of Rei licentiously cuddling the hamster. Apparently, is super-effective and Rei breaks down while Maya lets loose viruses on both the other girls and the little animals.


Clearly, without her the other two can’t do anything, and are getting badly beaten, but Rei gets roused by a manly(?) speech of Chutaro, that makes the tsundere stand back on her feet and mop down the floor with the viruses, the mother-virus and Maya too. All by herself, with a skill that we will probably never see again since it’s likely taken from the original game (yes, this anime is taken from a game for smartphones, which could explain why they just wink at fanservice instead of reveling in it).

(this could’ve been a panty shot, dammit  😥 )


All’s well that ends well, this time too. And Izumi and friends are just as happy as the little hamsters, just vaguely asking each other were Nejiusa was the whole time (spoiler: no one really cares).


Back in the real world, finally Rei warms a bit to the other girls and more importantly, finally gets to pet the doggie from the beginning of the episode.

(this is not the Team Rocket, Maya… you don’t get results, you don’t get money)




Overall Thoughts: With this episode seems like the direction “noticed” that the demographic of this anime’s audience is a bit shifted on a certain side. The overall graphic quality also seems a bit better than before with some really well-made scenes. Sadly, beside these improvements, I’m still here asking where’s my fanservice and when (or IF ) we will finally see the goodies.