Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 10


Being the childhood friend is suffering.


This episode covers chapter 13 and though the nudity is much less than the previous episode we do get some still but it is only for Lisa this time.


After learning what he did the previous episode, Peter thinks back to how Lisa and Mimi have only joined the guild recently a few months ago and how this would make what the ogre guy in the previous episode said be true. Peter gets back to his room to ask Lisa if she really is a princess like he heard. After asking her she doesn’t deny it and tells him she is.

In the manga she is in the middle of changing when Peter gets back and asks her but here they changed it for some reason.

Seems like a missed chance for more nudity by not including it this way.


At the guild Mitchie is at the receptionist desk when the ogre from the previous episode tells her he is Spartokos and tries to ask about Lisa only for Mitchie to be too distracted by his muscles and doesn’t answer him. Mimi then shows up asking her if she has any quests only for her and Spartokos to recognize each other.

Peter tells Lisa that her being a princess makes her attempts to gt pregnant even worse since if he gets a princess from another country pregnant it would cause a major incident. She tells him he doesn’t have to worry because once she gets pregnant she has no plans on telling anyone who the father is and will leave then. She tells him this is all the more reason for him to hurry and get her pregnant as starts to strip.

Spartokos finds out where Lisa is at from Mimi and goes to the room while thinking how it has been 3 years since Lisa and Mimi left the kingdom on a quest and he finally found her. As he enters the room he sees the two of them together and attacks Peter.

For some dumb reason even in the uncensored they keep those dust clouds over her chest.

As Peter gets attacked he grabs a nearby banana as his only weapon to use and tries to think on what to do to defend against him before it breaks. Lisa then interupts the fight by addressing Spartokos to stop. They changed things here from the manga a small bit. In the manga at this point Mimi hits Spartokos knocking him out as they take him back to Peter’s room and they explain who he is to Peter before he wakes up. Here however they change it to remove him getting knocked out and they just head back to the room together.

Mimi tells Peter that Spartokos was a childhood friend that liked Lisa and always tried to get her attention. Spartokos tells Lisa he has spent 3 years trying to find her asks her to return to the ogre kingdom as the morale of their soldiers has dropped without their princess around and if she doesn’t return soon they might start leaving. She tells him she is worried about the soldiers but isn’t going to return till she finishes what she left the place 3 years ago to do and that is to find the strongest man to give her a child to keep their race strong and that Peter is the one she has chosen.

Spartokos gets mad asking why she didn’t choose him instead despite how much he cares about her and has been trying to impress her all this time. She tells him the fact that all the ogre men in the kingdom were weaker than her is why she left to find someone else in the first place and since he himself is weaker than even her as well she has no interest in him. Spartokos admits he used to be weak but has spent the past 3 years training in order to become the man she would want and is much stronger now and he will prove it by beating Peter and challenges him to a fight.

Peter finds himself unable to refuse the duel and the fight between him and Spartokos takes place. While waiting for it to begin he thinks about how if he loses this fight it will mean Lisa will go back with Spartokos now instead since he would be deemed stronger and that will be one less problem for him to deal with. Knowing that Peter decides he will lose the fight on purpose so he can get rid of Lisa as the episode ends.



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Though they changed Lisa from being in the middle of changing from the manga they still countered this by adding nudity after it and adding nudity is something we have to hope for when we get to the next episode because the next chapter has none at all even implied in the manga. This episode ends with a few pages into chapter 14 so next week should cover chapter 14 and maybe a very small bit of the start of chapter 15 based on the amount covered this week. The next chapter is the fight between Peter and Spartokos and contains no service during that chapter so next week could in theory be the lowest so far if nothing extra is added in.

However having the entire episode be a chapter of fighting doesn’t seem to fit with what we have seen so far with the show so they might rush through 14 really quickly and manage to include a good portion of 15 next week as well. This is important as doing so could provide service for next week to counter chapter 14 having none so that way it’s not completely bare. There is a part in chapter 15 that would present us with Mitchie nudity potential as long as they add it in like they have so far with other non nude scenes from the manga.

Only two episodes left and two chapters of volume 3 left. So they will most likely restrict what is left of the show to these two and if there is time left add some kind of anime original ending. If by chance they do get through both 14 and 15 next week that would leave things open for a completely original final episode since I doubt they would bother with any content past volume 3 unless they want to end on a cliffhanger as the goblin arc is about to start at the end of volume 3. Whatever they choose to do hopefully they find some way to add nudity to it since these remaining chapters are more plot focused in the manga.

Since the show is almost over I need to start looking up some manga to do comps for when we get to october for halloween. Of course that assumes I don’t end up being too lazy and not bother like previous years. But since there are no shows for fall worth covering I might work up the motivation to find some halloweenish theme type manga to do. Or I’ll just end up distracted playing a game instead who knows.