Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 3


Making elves stronger with semen.


This episode covers chapters 3 and part of 4 and as expected they did rearrange some events and cut some stuff in order to fit in with the runtime. The positive part of that is this episode did give some anime original content which results in partial nudity of Luvellia. We also get nudity of the new girl for more than half this episode.


Don’t you love when shows pull this shit and end camera pans at the shoulders and thus remove the head. Because jerking off to a headless woman is what people want to do.

Peter has a dream in which Luvellia learns how babies are made and wants to make one. As they are about to start she turns into her father and Peter realizes he is having a nightmare as he wakes up and sees someone else sitting on him.

This scene was anime original and not in the manga with them adding the dream here. The part where peter goes to sleep as he does here actually occurs a bit into chapter 3 with some other content happening first which the anime skipped. The content skipped was some more ogre sisters nudity. Here are some pages of it.

Also they skip the Tim looking like Sanji joke unfortunately.

At the start of the chapter is the morning after Peter fucked the ogre sisters again in the previous one. He then has to hide them from Mitchy who comes to tell him some stuff. This too is different which I’ll get to when we reach there in the episode. But in short the ogre sisters scene was removed and the scene with Mitchy rearranged to later. After these two scenes is when this wake up after going to sleep because of elf girl part would happen. The anime changes this but it does add that dream with Luvellia to make up for removing the ogre nudity. Probably assuming new nudity is better since we have already seen them both naked previously but not Luveilla. Annoying that it is only partial nudity sort of due to her hair covering most of her only giving you parts of nipples. I assume they did this which happens again this episode for the purpose of saving her full nudity for later.


Tim hearing all the yelling from Peter’s room goes to find out what happened and sees him with a naked elf girl in his bed whom Peter didn’t even know was a girl at first because the lights were off. Tim leaves promising not to say anything about what he saw to Luvellia. The elf girl tells him she is Vegan and has came as an ambassador of the elves as Peter starts to realize she might have the same plans as Lisa and Mimi.

Vegan tells him that since elves are too weak physically to win in the fighting tournament the result is their country is made into a joke by other countries that view them as weak due to how bad they do in the tournament. So the only solution was to get the semen of the one who won the tournament so that the elves can start to have stronger physical genes. And so she was selected to find him so she can have his child in order to save her country and asks him to fuck her. Peter tells her he is glad to have a girl be after him but has to turn her down and refuses.

When Vegan yells asking why he won’t fuck her he tells her it’s because he has feelings for Luvellia and that empowers him to not get erect which he shows her is true because he is still limp despite seeing her naked body. She gets mad and decides the only solution is to use a spell on him instead.

Vegan decides to use a spell the elves have that was sealed away long ago and casts it on Peter’s dick. He notices his dick glowing but after that nothing else is strange. She then leaves while telling him that eventually he will beg her to let him fuck her.

The next day Luvellia and her team are out searching for a monster that has been attacking a hot spring village when it appears and starts to fight them. As Peter is leaving his room to go join Luvellia on the monster killing quest, Mitchy the guild receptionist runs to him to warn him they just got a message that Luvellia’s group was attacked by the monster and needs help. She describes some things about the monster as Peter runs off to help Luvellia.

This part was much different from the manga. Remember the pages I posted before. In the morning after hiding the ogre sisters he is told about the monster quest from Mitchy and how sending him would be the best option due to how strong he is since it is easy money and that Luvellia has already went. He plans on going the next day as he goes to sleep only to be woken up by Vegan and the anime and manga for that part is the same. After the Vegan stuff Peter, Tim, Lisa, Mimi, and some others from the guild head to the town like normal with no warning about anything like they do here. Arriving at the town is where they are told details about the monsters by the villagers such as how it kills the men and rapes the women. Here in the anime these details are told to him by Mitchy instead and the village part is skipped. So they kind of changed the context of this chapter from Peter and the others going on a casual quest to instead being told that Luvellia is in trouble and to save her. This was most likely as with a lot of things we will see changed throughout the show probably a result of time so they could rush through it as fast as possible.

Back with Luvellia’s group everyone has been killed or knocked out by the monster except for her as she continues to fight. During this she gets beat and has her clothes torn off some. However despite all the lightbeams during this part in the censored version the uncensored one here doesn’t really give much as she still has pieces of clothing covering her nipples except for the initial tear off where you can see partial nipples like at the start of the episode. As with the start of the episode I’m going to guess they are holding off on her nudity for later on purpose so didn’t want to spoil it here. After tearing her clothes off the monster is about to rape her and with that the episode ends.



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This episode had the most nude moments so far with most of the episode having nudity during it. Not only that it also gave us an anime original scene with the dream sequence which also contained partial nipple nudity. Hopefully they continue to do these anime only scenes if it means they are used to give more service to the episode. One interesting thing is the use of barbie doll crotches instead of keeping it censored. Obviously we weren’t going to see anything there but usually shows still keep that censored or use something else to block it off. Not often these days we get it fully uncensored with it just not being detailed instead as a means of censoring. The episode itself was rushed but that is probably going to be a given for the whole show due to the short runtime. This episode does give us an idea on how they are most likely going to progress from this point on in order to fit all the chapters in and that is by trimming stuff and altering scenes to contain some information the scenes removed would have had. Such as in the case of Mitchy telling Peter things herself that in the manga he learns from the villagers instead.

This episode covered about 1 and a half chapters so from here on out we might start seeing episodes cover more than one chapter unlike the previous episodes with some modifications to the chapter in order to fit it in. The preview for the next episode looks to cover the rest of chapter 4 and chapter 5 which is the hotsprings chapter and also the end of the first volume. So at the current rate they are going the show might cover up through volume 3 it looks like so far. As for the next episode we should be getting more nudity of Vegan and probably Luvellia as well during the hotsprings part which is what I assume they are waiting for to get her nude completely. This episode gave service to her but stopped short of giving a clear view of her breasts and since the next chapter does have her in the hotspring it would make sense for them to save it for the next episode with this one being a sample (or maybe they will purposely block her for the entire show till the last episode who knows). Wouldn’t be surprised if they find a way to add the ogre sisters into the hotspring part as well for original content but that assumes they still have them at the town since we don’t see them come along with Peter like in the manga so will have to see.

So far the show has kept up with increasing nudity and even adding scenes with nudity potential as well. The rushed nature is a pain but that can’t be avoided due to being 12 minutes sadly. Will be interesting though to see what changes they are going to make from here on to adjust to the runtime like we saw with these chapters. Hopefully whatever these changes end up being they also continue with the new nudity original content changes as well.

Never got to do my IR BD posts and now the final one comes out this week. All because of the redgifs issue. Now I’m going to be stuck covering all 3 BDs at once. The full blunt of that nightmare all at once. Just want to get that done with so I never have to touch that show again. Still haven’t gotten motivation up to do hentai schedule posts again. Maybe next month I don’t know. No idea if I’ll ever go back to them as they were so tedious.