Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan fanservice review episode 9


Harem in the bathtub.


This episode gives a larger amount of nudity this time after last week was minimal. Chapter wise this adapts the rest of chapter 12 which the last episode left off on but with a few changes in it which lead to more nudity potential than the manga chapter had.


Peter is in the tub thinking about how the girls didn’t leave him alone before despite being a rest day and how he keeps cheating on Luvellia not knowing what to do. Piglette comes in to tell him she finished making dinner as he panics thinking she is going to do the same thing the others did in the previous episode and demand semen. She instead stays and helps wash his back,

Piglette tells him how she won’t do anything to hurt him like the others and that he can use her to let out any of his stress as she takes her towel off. He then gives in and fucks her as well as he starts thinking about how he has no control afterwards.

This entire setup location is different from the manga. The context is still the same but in the manga Piglette came to talk to him while he was eating dinner and then resulted in him crying to her and the following taking place. So the whole situation still plays out like in the manga but they changed locations to a bathroom instead of bedroom. Likewise the proceeding scenes are sightly different as well.

Lisa and the others then comment on what just happened having seen it and yell at Piglette for violating the treaty. Piglette says she already knows that all three of them already did so earlier as they realize Piglette is smarter than they give her credit for. As they fight they decide the only solution is to share Peter’s sperm as they all go to fuck him again. Much like before this scene is slightly different by being in a large bath area instead of the bedroom like in the manga. The change here actually allows us to get more nudity than the situation in the manga as a result.

I can think of another person named Peter from a different show that ran down the street naked crying after something. Must be a common occurrence.

Afterwards Peter realizes how the treaty they all signed was meaningless and none of them plan on ever following it. As he yells about how they all broke it they point out that the treaty doesn’t say anything about a punishment for violating it. At hearing this Peter decides to run away knowing there is nothing he can do as he runs out of the house. He thinks to himself how the only solution will be to throw everything away even his relationship with Luvellia and disappear somewhere as he leaves.

He gives up after a short distance and decides he can’t fully run away because he doesn’t want to give Luvellia up. As he sits on the steps crying he meets an ogre who talks with him. As he tells the ogre his problems and how he can’t run away because of his love for Luvellia the ogre tells him he knows how he feels as he is in the town because of his love for someone as well. The ogre tells him he had heard the woman he loves is in this town and had joined the warriors guild and he is looking for her. He then tells Peter if his love for Luvellia is real everything should work out in the end cheering him up. As Peter thanks him and gets ready to go back after the rain stops he asks the ogre who the woman he is searching for is since he belongs to the same guild and might know her. He tells him Lisa is the name who he is searching for and that she is the oldest princess of the ogre tribe. As Peter realizes that Lisa is royalty and the same person this guy is searching for the episode ends.



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This episode gave large amounts of nudity this time around and they even altered the manga’s location for this part of the chapter so that they could create an environment leading to more nudity. Since the manga version was in a bedroom it didn’t result in as much nudity as being in a bathtub did and so this change resulted in additional nudity. This episode covered all the rest of chapter 12 which leaves only 3 chapters left for the 3rd volume and only 3 episodes left of the show. Presumably this means they might go to doing one chapter per episode with these final episodes so they can end right at the end of volume 3.

The next ep pv shows content that is from chapter 13 so most likely the one episode per chapter format would make the most sense for them to continue with. They might make a few alterations here and there with these last chapters in order to add more nudity though like they did here. Especially since these next 3 chapters are fairly low in service content with 14 pretty much having nothing so I can’t imagine they wouldn’t try to find some way of changing that. More importantly we should hopefully get nudity of Mitchy soon assuming they decide to give her some like they did for all the characters so far based on what we will be getting to during this arc. Though I’m expecting that part not to be reached till the final episode. Hard to say how they might go about ending things with what we have left. They could always take an original approach and alter these chapters in a way to give them the room to do something different for the end or they could leave the cliffhanger from the end of volume 3 as hoping for a season 2. Sale numbers for the first BD haven’t been announced yet as of writing this to get an idea on how the first BD did so far to know the chances of that helping the possibility for more.

It’s now been 4 years since I started doing posts here. First post was a hentai schedule post in september 2016. Still haven’t decided if I will ever go back to doing those posts again because they were too tedious and other issues. At least there is nothing in fall worth covering so I get a break then to do other stuff. I’m at 279 posts now and if it hadn’t been for these seasons where I have nothing to cover I would had reached 300 already. Probably won’t reach it till next year is my guess.