Popotan Fanservice AMV

According to wikipedia, a dancing scene from the opening sequence of the original Popotan eroge was the basis for the massive Caramelldansen internet fad that began in the middle of the previous decade.


I almost didn’t do a trailer for this one.  On some of the previous videos I’d spent upwards of 5 hours editing to make them, and it just didn’t feel like a great use of time resources.  So I kind of compromised here, and just threw in clips (all nude) from the video set to music with zero effort expended for sync.

The final video has 14+ minutes of nudity, and that’s with minimal repeats.  At the time (2003), there had never been a single season TV series with even close to this much nudity.

As far as the release date goes, I’m still waiting to see if I’ll be here next week.  Once I know more about my availability, I’ll release the video then.  If all goes well, that should be about 1 week from now.