Prison School’s newest PV lays out the bare naked truth

Don’t get too excited though, the production company has finally been revealed and it is… please excuse the listless sigh I just made… J.C. Staff.


Obviously, the news of J.C. Staff handling production is hugely disappointing, as they haven’t animated for nudity for ten years now.  And even if they did, hoping for BD specials is probably out of the question.

Of course, I guess one could hold out hope that Prison School will end J.C. Staff’s longstanding streak, and maybe it will.  J.C. Staff was one of the pioneers of using DVD changes for nudity back in the day.  But these days, J.C. Staff is about as grim an indicator as possible for Type-B’ers who just want to see glorious oppai.

The PV itself doesn’t exactly amaze visually, though I’m not going to freak out over the art.  It looks pretty good at times, yet is over-saturated and over-stylized at others.  It’s not up to J.C. Staff’s lofty visual standards here, but this is still better looking than a good many ecchi anime we’ve seen over the past year or so.  Sure, that might not be a high bar to clear, but context is everything.

Not having any nipples would be a pretty big fucking betrayal to the manga and will surely piss off Prison School fans royally.  But if it turns into a good anime that is funny and just ‘works’, I think I could get over the disappointment.

I personally liked the voice actors in the PV, I cracked up several times without even having the benefit of subtitles.  I think this has a chance to be a very funny anime.  I just hope that I get to laugh my head off, even if the other head is crying.