Production IMS declares bankruptcy

Damn, this sucks.


Production IMS was grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons last December when animators claimed the studio wasn’t paying. The reports led to rumors about financial troubles, but there was no official documentation of a bankruptcy – until now…


Production IMS is currently notifying their past animators about their bankruptcy. It’s the final nail in the coffin for the fledgling studio, which was founded in February 2013 by former AIC staff.


This is really a shame.  While Production IMS didn’t always have the best production values, they had a lot of fun making ecchi anime and we had a lot of fun blogging it.  I actually didn’t know that the group was founded by former AIC members (AIC also did a lot of good ecchi stuff before they went under).

While we can’t rule out future OVAs or seasons of Testament, if they do happen they’ll be with a new studio, which makes the prospect at least a bit less likely.

I’m sure many of these people will still find jobs in the industry somewhere.  And who knows, maybe IMS will have a spiritual successor the same way AIC did.  Still, it’s a very sad day.  Thanks for all your great work IMS.