Project A-Ko: VS fanservice compilation [UPDATED]

A-ko and B-ko are bounty hunters, When a young heiress, C-ko, falls out of the sky they find themselves battling space pirates and galactic police.

[UPDATE1] By reader request, this post has been recovered and updated. delmogeny may have retired a long time ago but his fanservice compilations still continue to be popular… Unfortunately, it was not possible to recover the old comments.  And a big tip of the cap to @Shon for having saved this comp for posterity! It was a big help!! Thanks!!!

Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima (Director of AIKa and Najica) a follow-up to the first four films, Released in 1990 Project A-Ko: VS (aka A-ko the VS, or Project A-ko Uncivil Wars) features an alternate universe in which A-Ko and B-Ko are on good terms… well better terms than in the previous entries. C-Ko is ten times more annoying but her role is minor. There are only 2 Nude Scenes.

When C-ko is kidnapped by a gang of space pirates, A-ko and B-ko set off to rescue her—thinking only of the reward money offered by her wealthy father. Aided by a pint-sized Galactic Police Officer named Maruten, the girls discover that C-ko’s abduction is part of a much larger scheme. Gail, the charismatic leader of the space pirates, intends to use C-ko’s body as a host for the spirit of Xena, a long-dead sorceress. Although Gail believes that Xena will “purify” the universe, he is oblivious to her true motive—to annihilate all universes and create a new one in which she is the absolute ruler.


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