Random tidbits on Sekatsuyo’s TV run

sekatsuyo ep 5

From episode five’s bath scene

Here’s a recap of the notable things that happenned in the eight remaining episodes.

Episode Five:


Some brief censored nudity when Sakura slips into the bath at 10:24.  Unfortunately, this is the final instance of nudity in the TV series portion of the anime.

You never know, redraws or added scenes are always a possibility, but given the way ARMS has done things in the past and the weak sales of the BD, I’d put the odds of that happening at less than 1%.

What’s disappointing is that a few episodes later on had locker room changing scenes where drawing for nudity would have been easy to justify, if not expected in an anime like this, but those scenes are consistently kept PG-rated.

Oh well, disappointing as that may be, the specials have been awesome and this was based on non-nude source after all.  On the whole it’s still a pleasant surprise, though to be sure there were missed opportunities.

Episode Six:


Sakura finally wins her first match.  Fittingly, it is against Rio, her first ever opponent.

Episode Nine:


Kana Hanazawa’s character finally debuts.  Her character doesn’t last long, but hopefully she gets plenty of work in the specials.

Episode Ten:


After a mysterious masked wrestler wreaks havoc through the previous few episodes, she reveals her identity at the end of this episode.  It was both surprising and unintentionally hilarious.  Though a laughable stretching of the plot, I hardly cared because I knew what it really meant: having a previously thought to be non-wrestler character to join in on the oiled up naked wrestling antics of a future blu-ray.

Episode Twelve:


Super corny ending that I assume is anime original.

From about episode six onward the wrestling matches become much more competitive and the episodes aren’t quite as painful to sit through.  I just wish their had been some nudity to look forward to in those final seven episodes.  Honestly, the only good thing I can say about watching this series is that it was good for familiarizing with the characters which will make seeing them naked in future fanservice specials more enjoyable.

I wish there were a lot more anime where the girls would show their tits in all their uncensored glory, and as such I refuse to feel anything other than appreciation for Sekatsuyo’s existence.  That said, is this show worth watching for any reason other than the fanservice?  Nope.