Robot on the Road – Fanservice Review [UPDATED]

Short on running time.  Long on service.  With a good helping of timely panty (and crotch) fanservice!

[UPDATED] This fanservice review is almost exactly four years old!  And needed a fair bit of updating.  See the Updates section at the end for a list of what was updated.  In the meantime, enjoy this delightful short that has aged well for ecchi fans…


Being a short at the Japan Animator Expo, there isn’t a lot of info on this show.  I did find this blurb:

Another new short from the Japan Animator Expo. This one is by director Hiroyuki Okiura (Jin-Roh, A Letter to Momo), about a comical robot who hitches a ride on a road trip to get repaired, though he seems to have ulterior motives towards his female ride…

Those are some nice credentials.  Could be a nice show…

Sometimes you just have to hand it to the Fapservice user community.  Not only did apedro.stb give us a heads-up about Robot on the Road in his comment, he also gave us a nice little intro.  Take it away apedro.stb:

Guys, remember Animator Expo? The latest anime short has some of the most high quality fanservice and animation you will find this year! And it shows both nipples and pubic hair :V


Anyways, watch it because it`s delicious (and funny).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  The same can be said for image stitches.  Turns out these two stitches pretty much sum up the entire show.  So that’s at least worth two thousand words for my review…  😉

robot on the road stitch 0616a f pmrobot on the road stitch 0421c f pm

But no worries, this fanservice review is just getting started!

Girl with a  pickup truck and a camper trailer.  How cool is that?

robot on the road cap 01

Hitchhiking robot.

robot on the road cap 02

Robot who happens to be a pervert…  Can you see where this show is going?

robot on the road cap 03

Must be nice to have bionic eyes that work like this.  But dayum she looks oh so fine…

Girl that is clearly not suspicious enough before taking a shower (after robot “accidentally” broke the privacy screen)…

robot on the road cap 04

Especially when robots have built in cameras…

I really like the realistic natural breast movement in this show.  Nice.  Makes you want to touch them…

Shower scene could have been better.  But they make up for it later…

Hey look, she actually has pubic hair unlike most anime girls.  Unfortunately, this is the only time pubic hair can be seen even though there were missed opportunities later in the show.

More nice and natural breast action …

robot on the road cap 05 robot on the road cap 06 robot on the road cap 07 robot on the road cap 08

… BUT … the robot is so busted!  LOL.  Gotta love her facial expressions though…

robot on the road cap 09robot on the road cap 10 robot on the road cap 12 robot on the road cap 11 robot on the road cap 13

Then a fight on the couch while she is only wearing a towel and we get to see some bare ass …

robot on the road cap 16 robot on the road cap 14 robot on the road cap 18 robot on the road cap 17

… and some missed opportunities for pubic hair.

robot on the road cap 19 robot on the road cap 15

As we saw in the stitches early on, what this perverted robot is really up to is ecchi blogging and ecchi selfies.  Where do we sign up???

robot on the road cap 20 robot on the road cap 21 robot on the road cap 23 robot on the road cap 24 robot on the road cap 25 robot on the road cap 26

I wasn’t planning on including so much of the fight scene in panties on the bed.  But  this past season has seen a real dearth of panty fanservice especially with closeups of crotches so this crotch panty service was just too good to pass up.  Plus some nice ass shots too…

robot on the road cap 27 robot on the road cap 28 robot on the road cap 29 robot on the road cap 30 robot on the road cap 31

robot on the road cap 32 robot on the road cap 33 robot on the road cap 34 robot on the road cap 35 robot on the road cap 36

robot on the road cap 37

Now this is what I’m talking about.  Crotch panty service like this is so hard to beat and was so hard to find this past season.

robot on the road cap 38robot on the road cap 39robot on the road cap 40robot on the road cap 41robot on the road cap 42robot on the road cap 43

LMAO.  The robot goes from busted to screwed when she discovers not only his ecchi blog but his ultra secret ecchi blog.  He’s very lucky she didn’t turn him into scrap metal after that…

robot on the road cap 44 robot on the road cap 45 robot on the road cap 46 robot on the road cap 47 robot on the road cap 48

robot on the road cap 49 robot on the road cap 50 robot on the road cap 51

Next girl!  Next show?  Here’s hoping…

robot on the road cap 52

Official Art

The only official art I could find so far was on the Robot on the Road home page.  But there’s a small sampling of mildly ecchi and sexy artwork.  Unfortunately the home page seems to have been taken down.  Here’s an link but there’s no video there, only text and images.

b18e11d08ea91437cbba8bb81ef0b97f 519e8da6ac45266a8515108fc17baf40 952bdbb7cbf88aa8149427e892ecaf71 87add1cf58e27e3fa7483357f61b7427 8c06630b14ca901cff3aab9711605094 9bf5dcad4a92fbfd91c8f7b33a94ddaa


Short but sweet.  For fans of ecchi and anime.  In a word, delicious like apedro.stb said.  I enjoyed watching this show more than I expected.

This short had a mix of ecchi and nudity to go along with comedy and pleasing artwork.  Really liked the realistic breast movements.  And the realistic nipple artwork and motion.  There was even some pubic hair although only in the distance.  Too bad they missed a few opportunities in closer up scenes.

But overall, my impression was that it was great to see some panty and crotch service in a season where both seemed to be in short supply.  TLRD2 doesn’t really count until the uncensored version comes out.

Fans of ecchi anime should check this anime short out.  I’ll be watching it more than once…


Due to the timing of this article, I was not able to do a lot of research.  If anybody has more info on Robot on the Road and creators, please leave a  comment.  I’d like to learn more about this ecchi but fun little anime short.

A number of videos didn’t make it into the article.  You can find my album with all my videos here.

One stitch (out of three) did not make it into my review.  You can find it in here (jpg) or there (png).

A tip of the cap to apedro.stb for his timely and apt heads-up (and a nice intro) on this anime short in his comment.

You can find the full version of the cover image for this article here (jpg only).


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