Saijou no Meii – The King of Neet manga fanservice compilation


Saijou no Meii – The King of Neet is one the more unlikely ecchi manga I’ve ever stumbled across.


Saijou no Meii – The King of Neet (19 volumes, complete)



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This series began with an 11 volume medical drama manga simply titled Saijou no Meii . This manga was basically 100% fanservice free, opting instead to educate readers with realistic scenarios involving emergency medical techniques, most of them surgery.

And when I say that it was 100% fanservice free, I mean 100% fanservice free.  Not even PG-rated stuff, no cleavage or butt shots, though there was one scene in one of the final volumes where a woman was being operated on and there were two tiny specs where her nipples would be.  That’s pretty much it.

A sequel manga Saijou no Meii – The King of Neet  added 19 more volumes.  Despite the name of the title, the follow up didn’t really have anything to do with NEETs.  It was basically a ‘after years’ version of the first manga with the characters going from being kids to young adults.

But despite the changes, it was basically a carbon copy of the first.  At least for the first five volumes or so.  No fanservice, just lots of medical nerdery and just enough story to tie the medical segments together.

But then things slowly started changing.  Volume six showed a negligee and some cleavage.  Volume seven had a sexy cover with a girl in a bikini with a cowboy hat and a six-shooter.  Volume eight had a censored topless girl on the cover, and later would have the first medical nudity of the series (obviously it was NOT in a sexy context).

Then starting in volume nine, in a way that seemed fairly stunning considering how the previous 19 volumes had gone, the manga basically turns into a titty fiesta.  And continues to service readers that way all the way until the final volume.

This is why you just gotta love manga.  It’s almost unheard of to see a transformation like this in TV anime.  Just when you think a manga will never deliver, it does a total 180.