Samurai Girls + Bride compilation now with chapters


Someone mentioned the idea of chapters the other day and I smacked my forehead for not thinking of this myself.  With chapter navigation you could quickly jump from character to character in the video, or instantly restart a character section with the push of a button.  A very cool concept for a fanservice compilation video.

Unfortunately, I’ve already uploaded the video to torrent as a .mp4 without chapters.  I don’t really feel like commiting another 2.5GBs of precious hosting space to a chapters version.  That ship has already sailed, or has it?  Read on for some brief and easy instructions about how you can get chapters added to this video.

I’m pretty casual with video works so take my word for it that this process is quick and painless.

First, download mkvmerge GUI.   It’s free, safe, easy to set up, and installs in seconds.  Now download my chapters file that I made, which you can get here:


DDL for chapter file:  MF, MEGA


Now just follow these simple instructions.  Just a few clicks.

Find your Samurai Girls + Bride [fanservice compilation].mp4 file that you downloaded from the site.  Either the 1080p or 720p versions will work just fine, whichever you prefer.  Run mkvmerge, then drag and drop the Samurai Girls + Bride video into it (if this doesn’t work, make sure you are on the main page (input tab)).


Now click on global tab.  Look near the bottom where it says “chapters.”  Right next to “chapter file” you’ll see a “browse” button.  Click it and load the samurai bride chapter file you downloaded from the link above.  Click “start muxing” at the bottom, wait a few minutes for it to process and you are done!


This will create a duplicate file (meaning there’s zero quality loss) which will now be .mkv, and this new .mkv version will have chapters just like the screen shot above.

Naturally, the .mkv version will not be eligible for seeding on the torrent I made.  As much as I love you guys for seeding my videos, if you want to delete the mp4 to keep the .mkv I wouldn’t hold it against anyone.  If you delete the .mp4 after getting this updated version and decide you want it back later, you can always download it again from this site.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the chapters version.  I know I am.