Samurai Girls fanservice compilation

ARMS delivers martial arts combat with nude fanservice yet again complete with high production values.


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Series Information


Production Company:  ARMS

Vintage:  Fall 2010


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Notable Seiyuu:


Aoi Yuki as Jubei Yagyu


Aoi Yuki is also well known for her roles as:


Aki Toyosaki as Kanetsugu Naoe


Aki Toyosaki is also well known for her roles as:


Ami Koshimizu as Charles d’Artanian


Ami Koshimizu is also well known for her roles as:


Kaoru Mizuhara as Gisen Yagyu


Kaoru Mizuhara is also well known for her roles as:


Minako Kotobuki as Sen Tokugawa


Minako Kotobuki is also well known for her roles as:


Rie Kugimiya as Yukimura Sanada


Rie Kugimiya is also well known for her roles as:


Yu Kobayashi as Matabee Goto


Yu Kobayashi is also well known for her roles as:


Also featuring


Daisuke Hirakawa as Muneakira Yagyu

Takahiro Sakurai as Yoshihiko Tokugawa


Thoughts on the anime


Though hardly a great anime, you can’t accuse the first season of Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls of not trying to inject some emotion and story into things.  There’s a little bit of drama in the final episodes, albeit the kind that is quickly forgotten- the kind that is full of backwards manga logic.

Mostly though, this show is noteworthy for having outstanding production values, particularly by the standards of 2010 and ecchi series in general.  It’s combination of quality art, action, martial arts, (attempted) emotional storytelling, and gratuitous nudity make it a pretty close comparison to ARMS’ previous mega-franchise:  Ikkitousen.

As with pretty much anything ARMS has done (Elfen Lied and Kite aside), Samurai Girls is a sub-par anime with fantastic service.  Though there is a little effort here to be more than a service show, in the end the only reason to watch this show is for the boobs.  And to ARMS credit they usually animate nudity pretty well, with this series being one of their better efforts in that regard.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


It’s a pretty straightforward video, other than the fact that it had two variations of the OP sequence.  Since both OP sequences had some pretty good fanservice moments I ended up creating a new OP that combines the best parts of both versions.

This is also the first video I’ve ever done that I didn’t put credit text on the opening, basically because this series used Japanese style vertical text and everything I tried just looked weird, so I ended up leaving it alone.

Lots of nudity in this series- more than half the video is of the nude fanservice variety.  Both the OP and the ED contain nudity as well.

I love it when ecchi anime present “gifable” nude scenes that make for easy looping.  Samurai Girls and it’s sequel Samurai Bride provided a high number of such opportunities.

Not sure why, but the final video ended up encoding a little bit on the “extra large” side, probably because of the color depth and quality level from the source.  Previous videos with extra high source quality seemed to spit out larger files too (Princess Lover, etc).


Favorite Character


Wow, tough call.  I don’t think there is a bad choice.  I’d probably go with Gisen, just barely edging out Sen, Kanatsugu, and Matabee.  The other characters are all quite awesome as well, even the loli character Yuuhi was great.  Rie Kugimiya was perfect casting there, and her epic lolicon rant in one of the disk specials might just have been the best moment in the entire series.

Gisen was just too damn slutty though.  My word.  Kaoru Mizuhara plays the role perfectly, and this isn’t the first time she’s stolen the show in a great ecchi series either.  I think the producers liked Gisen too, as her nude scenes dominated the nude section.  Only the main character got more naked time than Gisen did.