Seikoku no Dragonar fanservice compilation

I liked this show.  It was counter-culture.  Boobs!  Tentacle rape!  Yet in some ways it still had the feel of a popular culture anime.


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Series Information


Production Company:  C-Station

Vintage:  Spring 2014


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Notable Seiyuu:



Mariya Ise as Eco



Mariya Ise is also well known for her roles as:

Stocking AnarchyCeliaTanarotte UnthirteenKaede Tenjouji (Ladies versus Butlers)


Ayane Sakura as Silvia Lautreamont



Ayane Sakura is also known for her roles as:

Akane IsshikiMiyabi KannagiLevi-Kazama


Marina Inoue as Rebecca Randall



Marina Inoue is also well known for her roles as:

YokoChiffon FairchildRei MiyamotoYozora Mikazuki


Asuka Oogame as Lucca Sarlinen


 Lucca Saarinen

Asuka Oogame is also well known for her role as:

Mana Tendou


Aya Endo as Veronica Lautreamont



Aya Endo is also well known for her roles as:

lisaraMatsuBachou MoukiKreuz, Annelotte



Kana Hanazawa as Jessica Valentine



Kana Hanazawa is also well known for her roles as:

Aoi FutabaAyse KhadimCharlotte DunoisKanade TachibanaKobato HasegawaMayuri ShiinaMikan YuukiRana Linchen



Haruhi Terada as Angela Cornwell



Haruhi Terada is also well known for her roles as:



Asami Shimoda as Anya



Asami Shimoda is also well known for her role as:



Also featuring:


Takehito Koyasu as Milgauss


Thoughts on the anime


Blatantly ecchi manga are common, heck there are entire magazines in Japan dedicated to them.  What’s not so common is to see an anime give a faithful adaptation to one of these series.  Most ecchi anime tend to be much sexier than the manga/light novel source… or much less.  Liberties are taken, or opportunities are missed.  Rarely is a ridiculously ecchi manga adapted and given a faithful interpretation.

What got me pumped for Seikoku no Dragonar  was how it did a great job of recreating the pervy fun of the light novel and manga source materials while still feeling like an actual anime, not just a tits ‘n ass showcase.  And yet, a tits ‘n ass showcase it was all the same- it was a rare chance to have both sides.

I feel like I’m expressing this idea poorly.  Let me say this then:  There are some FUCKING AWESOME ecchi manga out there, and the cream of this crop rarely gets the anime treatment.  Just look at the manga fanservice compilations on this site, and notice how most of the very best do not have anime versions.  Will Blade Play  ever get an anime?  Give that manga to a company like TNK or ARMS and you’d have an ecchi masterpiece.  But these kinds of manga are usually considered too extreme and risky for anime treatment these days. It’s not 2011 anymore.

But Seikoku no Dragonar … it felt like a deviation from this norm.  The original did a great job of capturing the spirit of what ecchi genre is all about: shameless, pervy fun.  And did so in a way that pushes the envelope or could feel unwelcome to sensitive audiences.  Not just the “oops I forgot to knock” or “oops the towel fell off” variety of ecchi.

It’s the kind of show that can seemingly only get the green light from a new company, or one that had only done third party assistance in the past.   It’s like how Hoods Entertainment broke in with Aki Sora , Seikon no Qwaser  and Manyuu Hikenchou .  No one else would have the guts for those kinds of anime, only a new company would even dare.  C-Station, in its first and perhaps only TV series head animation effort, was the company that stepped up here.

Of course, it’s hard to make a buck when you alienate 90% of your audience, and Seikoku no Dragonar  was far from successful financially.

But for the few who appreciate this kind of thing, Seikoku no Dragonar  was a breath of fresh air.  Ecchi fans don’t get these kind of anime as often as they should.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


Art quality is not the biggest strength for this show.  I don’t think the director’s key frame work looked any better than the slave labor of his inbetweeners.  It was pretty bad.

Even worse was the clunky looking nudity.  Naked bodies in this anime looked hard and plastic.  Eco and Lucca in particular look like barbie dolls with tiny nipples tacked on.  Which is actually preferable to the the rest of the girls, who all have ridiculous balloon boobs.

But in a strange way that I can’t really explain, I thought this anime managed to remain sexy despite these drawbacks.  Eco’s nudist way of providing service had some novelty to it, and it’s not every day you see tentacle rape with uncensored boobs hanging out in TV anime.  The extra-ecchi scenes were fun too, and it was cool how some of those AT-X scenes- like Anya’s- got even ecchier on BD.

The biggest bummer for me was how hard they made it to see through the water in that one big bathing scene.  I tried every trick I know, but I couldn’t the good parts to show through the water any better.  For a show that is VERY ecchi, I’m kind of puzzled why they got cute with nudity there.


Favorite Character


dragon Ash


In a show where none of the characters really stood out that much, Eco was the most memorable.  She essentially had no concept of what it meant to be stark naked all the damn time.

Mariya Ise was so likable as Celia in Maken-ki!, she brings a little of that softness to her attempt at a Rie Kugimiya tsundere here and does a mostly good job.  (Though it would have been nice if she could have toned down the on the “help me I’m being tentacle raped” screaming.  I don’t think she realized this anime wasn’t meant to be overly serious).