Seiren Fanservice Review Episodes 1&2

That girl is so dangerous!

She is a bad girl! There’s a very fitting song for our current female lead, because let me tell you, that gal is on fire. Seiren, is an anime original but, it is also somewhat of a sequel too. Fans of Amagami SS will quickly notice the similarities between these two shows.  Anyhow, Seiren will depict three unique stories. Each story will feature the same male lead, Shouichi Kamita. The stories begin to differ when our male lead pursues a different female heroine. This post in particular will start by covering, Hikari Tsuneki’s route. Prepare yourself for quite the dangerous ride with, Tsuneki.

Onwards to the service side of things one can expect quite a number of feats. First, it should be noted that since this is Tsuneki’s route almost everything service wise will focus on her. Tsuneki, is a fierce and feisty one to say the least. Her character should not be taken lightly. Beneath that cute face is a woman ready to toy with her meat. Episode 2 is when Tsuneki show us just how prideful she is with her body. I hope you’re a fan of daisy dukes because she’ll be rocking them. Tsuneki’s, ass literally cannot be contained within her denim shorts. What a glorious sight she was. Tsuneki, also gives a bit of feet action for my feet lovers out there. Finally, it should be noted that our MC, Shouichi Kamita, is a pervert to the core. He could hardly look away when Tsuneki left a butt print on his desk. When she is around his gaze is right on the money at all times. Shouichi, even has a wild fantasy about Tsuneki going down on him while he uses the restroom. Overall, expect one lewd ride at least for this route.

Seiren’s OP knows how to begin the tease.

Episode 1 caps and stitches.


Episode 2 caps and stitches.


Talk about an ED with tons of great shots.


WebM section.

















WebM album here.


Look forward to more Tsuneki in the weeks to come! Also, remember we’ve got 2 more female heroines to cover!