Seiren Fanservice Review Episodes 3&4

Bye-bye bad girl.

I’ll miss you, Tsuneki. Sadly, Tsuneki’s arc has come to an end with this post. The conclusion of her arc gave an assortment of mixed reactions from viewers. Without spoiling too much, it’s a very open ending that leave the viewers to really determine what’s next. Although not necessarily the worse ending a more concrete one would have been preferred. Maybe we’ll see snips and bits of, Tsuneki, in future episodes but, for now that’s it for her!

Signature bad girl Tsuneki isn’t going to leave you without any service though. Trying to study? Well not with Tsuneki around. Our MC’s delusions of grandeur hit cloud 9 when Tsuneki invaded his study time. Tsuneki, wearing Kamita’s sweats for a majority of her arc was just down right naughty. She wore them well and showed she could work it. Furthermore, Tsuneki, was dying to show off her bikini. Our MC was the special victim of her treat. A midnight bath with, Tsuneki, what more could one ask for? Lastly, to top things off we’re given a very romantic kiss. I won’t say too much about it but, you’ll see it scrolling. And that’s it for this arc!

Episode 3 caps and stitches.

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Pop one for, Tsuneki, next time!


Episode 4 caps and stitches.

Yup, it’s this scene again.

Get ready for a bit of food porn.


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New female heroine and the same old MC with the next post. Hopefully, our new female lead can live up to what Tsuneki has shown and even more. Only time will tell and I for one am looking forward to more, Sieren.