Sekirei Pure Engagement FC, with Homura


I didn’t include Homura’s nude scenes in the original Sekirei compilation, but for those “completionist” types out there, I made a video for season two that included all of Homura’s scenes.

DDL:  720p

Normally I am okay with gender-swaps in anime.  Female Ranma never gave me issues.  Female Rito bothered me just a little, but damn she was hot.  Run/Ren from To Love-Ru didn’t throw up any flags.  Female Takeru from the Maken-Ki Two OVA was pretty damn sexy.  And so on.  But in the case of Sekirei’s gender swap character, there is a gradual, seemingly conflicted and highly awkward conversion from male to “female” which probably gives ecchi the closest thing yet to a transgender or perhaps “inter-sex” character.

So yeah, Homura creeped me out, fantastic tits be damned.  It certainly didn’t help that Minato kept referring to Homura by his/her male name – Kagari.  That’s why I left him/her out of my two season Sekirei fanservice compilation.

But I know for some, the more tits the merrier, so I made an extra version of Sekirei Pure Engagement that includes all the Homura nude scenes, separated at the end (720p only).  I figure today is as good a day as any to release it.