Sexual Hunter Riot Manga Fanservice Compilation

Another manga with a ridiculous premise. Using your libido to fight demons from another dimension!

Sexual Hunter Riot is drawn by Orion Shichisei and written by Tsukiji Toshihiko. This is the same author behind Kämpfer, which was popular enough to get an anime in 2009. Although I never watched it, the anime fanservice compilation by Delmogeny is quite excellent even without context.

The manga has recently finished its run with five volumes, though only the first three has shown up on the web.


The Kirionira are the demons that live in another dimension and invade the human world through people’s dreams. The only defense humanity has against the demonic assault are the hunters who rely on their sex drive as a source of power to fight against them.
Riku Yoichi came from a long line of hunters and had high amounts of sexual energy which allowed him to be a great hunter. He moved away from his home town after middle school to demolish the Kirionira and was successful in finishing off the king and ending the battle forever. However, the peace came at the price of Yoichi losing his sex mojo.
Returning back to his home town, he soon learns that the demon invasion was not over, but without his sex drive, he is helpless to fight back. He tries convincing his childhood friend Namba Midori and her female classmates to get him sexually aroused, but they want nothing to do with it.


Who could resist reading a manga with a premise like that!?


Sexual Hunter Riot manga fanservice compilation (vol. 1-3 of 5) (Incomplete)


Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3

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Compilation of Volumes 1-3

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