Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST fanservice compilation

The lewdest series of 2015 caps off with a second strong season.


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Series Information



Production Company: Production IMS

Vintage:  Fall 2015


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Masou Gakuen HxH


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Notable Seiyuu:



Ayaka Asai as Mio Naruse


Mio Naruse - Testament


Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Yuki Nonaka


Yuki Nonaka - Testament

Sarah Emi Bridcutt is also known for her roles as:


Bell Hydra - Blood Lad


Seiko Yoshida as Zest


Zest - Testament


Kaori Fukuhara as Maria Naruse


Maria Naruse - Testament

Kaori Fukuhara is also known for her roles as:




Yuu Asakawa as Chisato Hasegawa


Chisato Hasegawa - Testament

Yuu Asakawa is also known for her roles as:


Shiryuu Chou'un - IkkitousenArnett McMillian - FREEZINGRider - Fate stay nightLeone - Akame ga Kill!


Iori Nomizu as Kurumi Nonaka


Kurumi Nonaka - Testament

Iori Nomizu is also known for her roles as:


Inaho Kushiya - Maken-Ki!Antonia Morfenoss - Asobi ni Iku yo!FNC - Upotte!!Mirai Andou - Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi


Hibiku Yamamura as Rukia


Rukia - Testament

Hibiku Yamamura is also known for her role as:


Hibiki Hagyuu - Anne Happy


Kikuko Inoue as Riara


Riara - Testament

Kikuko Inouei s also known for her roles as:


Belldandy - Ah My GaynessMizuho Kazami - Please TeacherKasumi Tendo - Ranma ½Lust - Full Metal AlchemistEucliwood Hellscythe - Kore wa Zombie Desu kaMiria - ClaymoreAyuko Hayami (the swimming instructor) - Golden BoyMei - MouseShizuka Nekonome - Rozario to VampireGoei - IkkitousenKuune - Cat Planet CutiesBranwen - Queen's BladeTorino Kazami - Valkyrie Drive Mermaid



Also featuring Keiji Fujiwara as Jin Toujou



Thoughts on the anime



Whereas season one had a surprisingly deep story, season two saws things off at ten episodes and like most ten episode series it just doesn’t have enough time to properly develop the story.  The time that is afforded in season two is mostly dedicated to action and naked girls, not that anything is wrong with that.

Basara is as much of an animal with these girls as always.  Short of penetration, he does pretty much anything he wants with their bodies.  It just would have been nice if they could have saved some of that vigorous pseudo-sex for Maria, but it’s hard to complain.  Overall, this series did a pretty good job of staying erotic throughout the season.

Overall I wouldn’t say it was quite as good as season one, but it was still very good overall and the animation was far more consistent while the art quality was markedly improved.

Another season seems somewhat unlikely given the borderline financial success of season two.  A few extra OVAs down the road wouldn’t shock me though.

One last thing.  It was pretty cool seeing Kikuko Inoue appear again after being out of ecchi for several years.  Her first big role was as Kasumi Tendo way back in 1989, and since then she’s had several other major iconic roles.  Funny enough, she also played Torino Kazami from Valkyrie Drive which of course also aired during the Fall 2015 season.



Favorite Character



Maria Naruse - Testament - Dakimakura


In retrospect, I really should have chosen Maria for season one.  Maria wasn’t as much of an attention grabber in season two, but it would just be wrong to let two seasons go by without giving her a special mention.  Her cheerfully perverted persona lended the ecchi scenes a much needed air of levity that helped ease the transition when the show would pivot between serious storyline and an unabashed fap sessions.

As far as loli archetypes go Maria is a bit of an outlier as she is decidedly lacking innocence, but she still does plenty to win us over with her petite body and natural charm.  Who else sees a banana and thinks “strap on?”