Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures OVA gets a PV


Try not to fap in the movie theater.



Today a PV for the upcoming OVA of Shinmai Maou no Testament was released prior to it’s theater showing next month.




The release date for the theater showings will begin on January 27th and will run for only 2 weeks at the 3 theaters listed in the PV. It’s also worth pointing out that the rating is displayed near the bottom at on point as R15+ which means there will certainly be some nice service in it.

However also keep in mind that despite this rating the theater showings will still be censored/cut to some degree as the BD release mentions in it’s description that it will contain content not shown in the theater version.


Also, the main part of the main disc is to see all the parts that have been modified in the theater version is recorded!”

In other words even if we hear from others that see it in japan about it’s contents that won’t be the extent of the service since they won’t be seeing it all. Also on some rare chance a camrip appears that won’t be the true version either so it is best to wait for the home release to truly see it how it is meant to be seen. The BD release will occur on March 28th and has a runtime of 60 minutes.

I already posted most of the bonuses from retailers when I did the previous post when this was first announced but since then getchu has posted something new. This is a poster that is on a first come first serve basis which I assume means the first print copies or orders of the OVA include it. It is drawn by Yoshihiro Watanabe who is the character designer/chief animation director on the anime. This is only a rough draft and not the finished version and as the description says the hearts that are covering it won’t be in the final version.


Also the OVA does come with another short LN written by the author so we will probably get some nice things from that as well. The PV does show that this OVA will have much better animation and a higher budget than the show did but that is to be a given since it is a ova/movie after all. What we can’t tell from the OVA completely though is if this is meant to be the end or not. With how much promotion it is getting you would think that might be the case since being the finale would explain all the hype for it (For example here and here you can see a billboard advertising the BD release already and there probably are more out there as well).

We can still at least hope for a surprise though and maybe the OVA will set up a final 3rd season instead. We might find out next month when people start seeing it and can say how much of the story from the LNs was covered or even if they go an anime original ending route which could open up other possibilities. Probably won’t happen but if they did do an original ending I would be fine with that if it meant they would occasionally give us some fun non serious the world is at peace lewd ovas from time to time to keep the series alive. Whether this is the end for the series or not we at least have some more to look forward to for the time being.

I do wonder how awkward being in a theater watching something like this would be. It’s not like you can whip it out and start fapping right then and there….or can you….secretly…like a ninja. I wonder what would happen if the author of the series went to the first showing and everyone just started fapping right there in the movie theater? Would he feel complimented? Would he run? What if everyone turned and saluted him while fapping with the hand they weren’t fapping with? Wouldn’t that just ruin the day of anyone who was eating popcorn in there as well? Free extra flavor toppings for anyone eating in the theater while shinmai is showing. Really though these kinds of early showing for ecchi shows happen all the time and I do wonder how the atmosphere in the room is when people are watching stuff like that. I just assume they all try to laugh it off so as to not make it awkward. Though anyone who talks during a movie deserves to be slapped in the face and since it is a lewd movie that makes them deserving of getting slapped in the face with a dick.