Shinmai Maou no Testament fanservice review episode 04

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 04 (3)

This episode was almost completely without fanservice, but did have one potential nude scene.


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Yuki transforms her outfit into a magical set of armor in Sailor Moon fashion.  Normally these kinds of transformations stay non-nude, but the sheer brightness of this scene seemed suspicious to me.

The wardrobe transition affects her legs, then butt, then chest.  During the leg and butt shot parts, we only see an opaque white silhouette.  But during the chest shot, you can make out the curves and cleavage, though there are no nipples.

Normally during these transformation scenes, we get barbie-doll style near-nudity, but in this case they whitewash the shit out of it in a way that reminds me of how 8 bit censored Michiru during her out of body experience in volume two of Grisaia no Kajutsu.

Not saying I expect nudity here, and we have no idea if IMS plans to redraw for nudity, but this scene did strike me as being suspect.

Solid episode by the way.  I respect that IMS is making sure this is an anime first and foremost.