Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen fanservice review episode 04

Argevollen - 04 (10)

For decades, nude service has been accepted as perfectly normal in mecha anime.  Xebec’s Argevollen  keeps with the tradition.

Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen  is a well produced, seriously told story that has a terrestrial ground-war take on the mecha genre.  The first three episodes were almost entirely without sexy content, up until Jamie decides to give Tokimune an inspection.

Argevollen - 03

And that was pretty much it, until about eight minutes into the fourth episode when a lengthy shower scene breaks out.

Argevollen - 04 (1)

This is the most promising type of censorship.  It does not even pretend to be steam.

Argevollen - 04 (2)

The first blatant frontal censorship of the season.

Argevollen - 04 (3)

Screen cropping?

Argevollen - 04 (4)

The girl at the top joins in on the censorship fun.

Argevollen - 04 (5) Argevollen - 04 (6) Argevollen - 04 (7) Argevollen - 04 (8)


Argevollen - 04 (9)

Screen cropping?

Argevollen - 04 (10)

I think it’s probably safe to say the streak of nudity in anime TV seasons will stay intact now.

Argevollen - 04 (11)

Screen cropping?

I think my favorite thing about this scene was its length.  There is almost as much (presumed) nude service in this one scene than Infinite Stratos 2  managed during its entire run.

It’s likely that we’ll get a couple more scenes like this before the anime is over.  Obviously, this puts Argevollen  in the pleasant surprise category, though I’d still like to see some non-nude service to compliment the R-rated stuff.