Shokugeki no Soma Season 1 BD Fanservice Review: Episode 7

This pair of meat is certainly on fire!! 

We are back with more Shokugeki fanservice reviews! I certainly do hope your favorite food is meat as we get treated to some fine A5 grade succulent and juicy meat right off the bat.

(Episode screenshots and webms courtesy of Kay)

Soma preps himself as he enters the shokugeki arena. Urara, the cute emcee presiding over the shokugeki, signals the beginning of the shokugeki as both participants enter the arena to a polarized reception.

As Ikumi and Soma both exchange taunts, Erina enters the arena and takes a seat in the VIP room to witness Ikumi’s victory, much to Ikumi’s pleasure. As predicted, Ikumi brandishes an A5-grade beef and begins cutting the meat with high efficiency. She then places the beef into the oven and looks at her opponent as Soma takes cheap beef out of his stock, to the bewilderment of everyone present. Just as Ikumi finishes cutting the beef and prepares it for cooking, Erina tells Hisako, her secretary, about Ikumi’s profession as a beef specialist, noting how she maintains such precision as her task focuses mainly on strength.

As time runs out, Ikumi presents her dish first, the A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don. The three judges showers outlandish praise on her dish. When it is Soma’s turn to present his dish, the Chaliapin Steak Don, the judges show scant interest in his dish. Undeterred, Soma opens the lid of his dish, shocking the judges who immediately noted how the dish looked better than expected.

As they take the first bite, the overwhelming deliciousness causes them to finish the dish and even ask for seconds, much to Ikumi’s surprise, whose dish was not finished by either of the judges. The judges ask for the secret ingredient behind such a satisfying taste to the dish, Soma then reveals that it is pickled plum, shocking the judges, as they begin the voting session. Soma asks Ikumi to try his dish. Inevitably, Soma wins the judges’ votes and the shokugeki itself.

As Erina leaves in disappointment, she decides to take back the kitchen initially given to Ikumi. Soma is next seen asking Ikumi to try his dish using her nickname Nikumi, prompting Ikumi to chastise him, warning him to not get conceited.

Honoring the conditions of the Shokugeki, Ikumi arrives at the Don RS the next day and meets Kanichi, who was waiting for her. Ikumi then asks for Soma. However, Kanichi tells her that Soma never had the intention to join the Don RS permanently, provoking Ikumi immensely. She then vents her anger on Kanichi as Kanichi’s scream could be heard by Megumi from afar.

Webms (Courtesy of Kay):


Mmm gotta say that that was immensely satisfying to watch. Really appreciating the fact that the manga was written and drawn by a veteran hentai artist and published in Shounen Jump. The over the top nature of the series is what makes the ecchi funny instead of plain stupid. I mean, just check out all the glorious boob action we got in this episode.

Not sure about you, but I was famished by the time I finished the episode. Also, props to JC staff for the over-emphasis on the boobs, which so happen to have worsened my hunger pangs, if you know what I mean. Frankly speaking, given the choice between the two dishes, I think I would have picked Nikumi’s. What about you?


P.S. As a side note, the very first scene in the episode where Ikumi tries out different attires for her shokugeki against Soma is not from the original manga but only an extra included in the tankobon.