Shuumatsu no Izetta TV Fanservice Review Episodes 03 – 04


If female statues have nipples, shouldn’t the girls have nipples too???


For additional information about Shuumatsu no Izetta, including the writer, plot synopsis and tags, please see my first fanservice review.

Episode 03

Now Izetta is riding a lance instead of rifle instead of a broomstick.  She’s not your typical witch…

016-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 017-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

What a bewitching ass, Izetta has…

018-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 019-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 020-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 023-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

And  her thighs are pretty darn nice too…

028-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 030-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 031-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 032-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 033-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 034-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 035-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 037-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 038-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

043-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 046-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 047-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 048-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 050-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 051-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 053-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap
054-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 055-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 058-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 059-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 061-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 062-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 063-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 064-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 065-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 066-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap
072-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 074-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

A little Izetta crotch in your face is always nice…  XD

075-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 076-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 078-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 079-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 082-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

083-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 084-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 085-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 086-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

What is that soldier looking at?!  Ecchi fans have a pretty darn good idea…

090-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 092-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 093-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 095-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

Too bad it’s shorts instead of  pantsu…

096-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 097-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap


Izetta ass in tank windshield?  LOL.  But classic.  Nice ass too…

104-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 105-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 106-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

107-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 110-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 111-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 112-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 113-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 118-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 119-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 122-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap
Somehow each episode of Izetta manages to end of a yuri vibe.  More please…

123-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 124-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 125-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 126-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 127-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 128-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 129-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap 130-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-03-snap

Episode 04

001-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 006-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Her name is Lotte.  She is a twintail loli maid.  What a combination!  She’s a fun character.  Nice stitch too…


The girl on the left is named Bianca.  She’s a pony-tailed bodyguard with a nice rack.  Bit of a sourpuss though.  But easy on the eyes…

011-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 016-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 017-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Leave it to Lotte to get the Izetta fanservice started!  Fun girl.  Amusing stuff…

018-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 020-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 022-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

023-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 024-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Wait!  Didn’t somebody say there is no fanservice in Izetta???

025-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 027-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 028-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 029-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Even Bianca is shocked by the sudden fanservice in Izetta!  And mesmerized by Izetta’s really nice bare boob bounce…

030-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 031-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 033-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 034-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snapHad to add a little reverse to loop this video.  HAD to…

036-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 037-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 038-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 039-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 041-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 043-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap Don’t be afraid Bianca, you know you want it…
And a closeup of Izetta’s ass too.  Wait!  Are those panties?  Victorian panties??  They just might be???

045-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 047-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 048-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 050-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Be afriad of the twintail loli maid.  Be very afraid…


053-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 055-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch

Is that a nipple on the statue?  Maybe…


Oh so close to seeing even more…  (I didn’t expect this stitch to turn out as nice as it did.)


O nice.  Izetta can look seductive when she wants too…  XD

059-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 062-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 064-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 067-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

And Lotte can look seductive too.  Just what is she thinking here???  Maybe those are nipples on the statue after all…


069-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 070-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Bianca wants to see Izetta’s bare boobs again!  Who can blame her?  😉

076-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 077-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 078-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 079-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Nipples confirmed!  On the statue.  Not a girl.  Darn…  But I had to make at least one stitch to show both breasts with nipples…

082-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 083-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 084-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Lottle has to see for herself if those are nipples on the statue…  XD


Shame we don’t get to see more of Izetta’s side boob and ass here…

087-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 091-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 092-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 093-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 094-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 095-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

We do get to see her ass here but shame that it’s so far away.  Still a very nice ass that lass has…  XD



Why aren’t they looking at the nipples on the statue instead of the loli maid?  😉

100-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 102-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 106-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 109-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 110-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 114-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 116-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 117-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 119-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 120-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 121-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap


Her name is Elvira.  A PR lady who is something else.  Enough to leave the girls speechless at times…

132-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch134-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 137-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 141-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 142-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch

Looks like Izetta is going to Elvira’s first victim client.  I wasn’t expecting this.  And neither was Izetta…

143-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 144-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Izetta just got her boobs  groped!  Up close and personal.  Wow,   😯

145-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 146-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 149-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 150-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 151-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 152-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch

I wanted to make more stitches here but the background doesn’t stop moving around.

153-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 154-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

156-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 158-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

From groping Izetta’s boobs to stroking her body to feeling up her ass to reaching under her skirt???  Wow.  Just wow.  But way to go Elvira!  Ecchi fans appreciate your dedicated service…

159-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 161-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 162-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 163-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 164-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 165-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 167-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 170-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 171-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

I had to add some reverse to loop this ass feel.  HAD to…

Ecchi fans are envious.  What ecchi fan doesn’t want to pull up Izetta’s boob like that with one hand and reach under her skirt with the other hand???


175-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 180-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Dem lips..  Just where has Elvira’s finger been if it tastes that good???

181-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 182-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 183-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 184-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 185-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch

188-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 189-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 191-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 192-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 196-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 204-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 207-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 209-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-stitch 214-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap

Once again, Izetta ends the episode with a yuri vibe.  Nicely done…

220-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 224-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 225-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 231-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 232-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 233-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 234-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 235-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 238-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 239-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 240-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 244-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 245-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 246-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 247-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 248-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap 249-shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-04-snap


I was surprised by how much omake there is out there already for Izetta and the vast majority of it is fan made.  Looks like it didn’t take long for Izetta to go mainstream…

shuumatsu-no-izetta-fr-eps-03-04-omake-01 shuumatsu-no-izetta-fr-eps-03-04-omake-02 shuumatsu-no-izetta-fr-eps-03-04-omake-03 shuumatsu-no-izetta-fr-eps-03-04-omake-04 shuumatsu-no-izetta-fr-eps-03-04-omake-05 shuumatsu-no-izetta-fr-eps-03-04-omake-06


Izetta is the sleeper hit of the Winter 2016 season for me so far.

It’s good to see Izetta get some significant fanservice.  It was more than I expected for a mainstream Type A anime, to be honest.

I wasn’t expecting to see nipples on the statue.  Too bad, there probably won’t nipples on Izetta on the BDs.  This anime seems too mainstream for that.

I really wasn’t expecting to see such a nice boob groping + body stroking + feeling up the ass + putting hand under skirt scene.  So up close and personal too.  Nicely done Elvira…

I enjoyed making isolation videos with a little reverse motion to get a little bit of “extra” action in fanservice scenes.  XD

Even though Izetta seems intended for mainstream anime audiences there IS some fanservice…

The writing so far is pretty good.  Hope that continues…

What a swell pair of mc-chans.  Not one but two strong female leads in a show is a pleasant treat.  And the potential for yuri between the two makes it even sweeter…

The production values for Izetta are very good.  Not top-of-the-line good but very few new anime are.  But still better than a lot of recent anime shows.

I’m nervous about how this anime will end. A Bad End is still very much on the table as the setting is WW II and the antagonists are pretty darn evil.  Plus the yuri may not happen after all..  Here’s hoping for a Good End including yuri…

Make no mistake about it, Izetta is a mainstream show for a mainstream anime audience.  There is a lot more Type A material than there is Type B.  But there is fanservice including ecchi such as a shower scene and some nipple bumps and glimpses of T&A.  Ecchi fans should watch Izetta for the story and the action and the characters and the high productions and enjoy the bits of fanservice here and there as an added bonus…


Almost all of my HD WebMs were included.   For the rest and for downloading, you can find my albums here:  03 & 04.