Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 12


Sex ending obtained.

The final episode and as expected we do get a sex scene now and plenty of service as a result. Also the r18 version is actually longer than the usual minute of extra time that it normally has over the standard version. I guess you could say there is a different ending to the standard version as well when we get there but first some final bits of story.


Starting from last weeks’s episode Ryou realizes what he has done and if he wasn’t in animeland would have ended up in prison. So he tells Shizuka goodbye and goes to leave till she stops him. Shizuka blames herself for not telling him how she feels and I guess she just conveniently forgets he just tried to rape her out of anger because of a misunderstanding. At this point we probably aren’t even supposed to think about the illogical things here.

Shizuka confess her feelings to him and he realizes he was the one she was talking about earlier and so he reconfesses his feelings to her and they head back to his place.

At Ryou’s place he asks if she is really okay being with him because of his cross dressing and such. She answers by kissing him and telling him that it is because of his cross dressing why she is able to be with him and wants to stay with him.

Now here is where things start to change depending on the version. If you are watching the standard version you get these next shots with the credits playing that are not shown in the r18 version.

This is where the show ends in the standard version but if you are watching the r18 version instead rather than this scene after the kiss the next is shizuka undressing and the sex scene.

And so we have finally reached the point most people were waiting for. In my opinion though the animation during this part seems very subpar with even hentai doing this much better. These following scenes just feel jerky and more importantly go super fast. You will see what I mean in a bit. Not much to say at this point since the story is over and all that is left is to watch the conclusion.

Damn motion blur.

Fucking at the speed of light. I didn’t modify this that is how fast this goes.

And that’s the end. No story afterwards it just ends after they have sex. There is a longer form of the credits though which shows a montage of various scenes from the show while the credits play. Kind of odd how they say “Like” though instead of “Love” when you consider this is supposed to be a romance. Regardless happy end got I guess.


Webm album.


Long Post

Looks like the series did keep the sex as the endgame like I thought would happen back when the whole dating thing till she decides plot point happened many episodes ago. I do wonder why this show and Souryo were not reversed with their airings though if they knew that is what this show would consist of. Skirt is step down from Souryo in terms of service so having it after Souryo almost seems unfair to it. Both Souryo and Skirt were marketed together and even promoted each other as well not to mention both being published in the same manga and even now both are promoting the upcoming Omiai. So with that said you can think of all these shows as being part of the same group so it seemed odd to air Souryo first when Souryo gave more serviceable content and would make Skirt look less in comparison.

I would actually say Souryo beats out Skirt in almost everything but the art. The first being the romance theme was much better done in Souryo. I said this before but Souryo did have the advantage by having two characters that were essentially childhood friends and had liked each other since then so the progression of Kujo and Mio actually made sense. Meanwhile for Skirt Shizuka and Ryou only knew each other for maybe a week or two since as far as we have seen they only went on two dates and we never were told how much time actually passed between episode 1 and now.

Not only that the romance between the two of them didn’t really feel as genuine as Kujo and Mio’s did. Maybe it is because they knew each other longer, maybe it was because we saw inside their heads and what they were thinking about each other, or maybe it was something else but Kujo and Mio’s relationship actually felt natural occurring due to their past while in the case of Shizuka and Ryou it comes off as happening simply because the story calls for it.

Service wise Souryo easily beats out Skirt as well. Souryo offered multiple sex scenes all through the show while Skirt only had one. Like I said relationship wise it made sense but service wise it easily puts Souryo above it. For 11 episodes most of Skirt’s service was just foreplay and then when we finally get to the sex it is not only short but questionable on its quality. Souryo had some down moments as well particularly with many of the sex scenes being similar to each other but it offered so much more that those down points could easily be forgotten among the sea of other content provided.

I would imagine most people who watched this did so because it was R18 rated and as such want to see content that represents that R18 rating and it feels like Souryo accomplished that much better than Skirt did. Sure we got some fingering here and there but most people are probably going to be in it for the sex not foreplay. This is probably another flaw of short anime and that is not getting very far in the story and in the case of Skirt the amount of sex in the manga does increase after this scene but of course by the time we get there it is over. In Souryo’s case however the sex happened early on and thus could provide more of it sooner.

The ending was also much better for Souryo than Skirt’s. In Souryo we got a speech by Mio as she accepted all the trials and hardships a relationship has and how she is willing to face them to be with the person she loves. Then we got the twist of the place Kujo took her to at the end being the same place shown in the credits the whole time. It was kind of a touching and symbolic ending. Meanwhile Skirt pretty much ends like a porn does. When porn tries to have some kind of story even if it was a joke story it tends to just cut off and end right after the sex concludes (what happens to the pizza?). That is what happens here with Skirt with the episode just ending seconds after they finish which kind of gives an unsatisfying ending. Would have been nice to at least show them going places together or heading off somewhere or anything to give you a final thought concluding the show.

With all that said there is nothing wrong with Skirt and I would certainly say it’s art design I liked better than Souryo but overall I felt like Souryo was a far better R18 anime in what will hopefully be a long line of ones than Skirt was. They are both short and since most people would treat them like porn watching both is an easy task but when it comes to both the romance aspect and service aspect I would have to give it to Souryo over Skirt. Perhaps that is why Souryo was chosen to air first and Skirt second. Souryo is no masterpiece by a long shot but since it has the novelty of being the first R18 anime we got to see televised maybe it was better to show the more truly R18 one first to give people a taste of what may be on the horizon when it comes to shows like this.

That is another point worth addressing and that is both Souryo, Skirt, and the upcoming Omiai have us entering a very very interesting era. These shows are something people probably never would have expected to exist but they do. We have had two of them now and even a third coming next season and even though these are all coming from the same manga it leads to so many possibilities. I am really hoping we finally get one of these R18 shows aimed at a male audience because the 3 so far have been all female aimed. A show with multiple different female characters each getting a turn for R18 content weekly would be quite the sight to behold should it happen.

The fact that many never could have predicted shows like this is what makes me really interested to see how far this trend will be taken. I remember many years ago seeing people on various hentai forums asking the hypothetical question of why we have never got a full 12 episode hentai series airing on tv or even released individually. The idea of such a thing would be laughed at for a number of reasons and yet here we are in present day with an actual 12 episode series that is rated R18. Mind you it is only 5 minute long episodes but I like to think positively and view it as baby steps. If this trend keeps up and is profitable perhaps we will reach a point in which we do get full 30 minute long 12 episode series like these. It seems crazy but so would the idea of shows like Souryo and Skirt 10 years ago. These are very interesting times.

What the future holds thanks to shows like this I find to be fascinating and look forward to all the possibilities it could bring. Will we see more hentai studios jumping into this new market of televised r18 anime and start making shows as well giving us even more? Could we now see some borderline h manga that we could only dream of receiving an anime adaption finally occur one day? Stuff like Shishunki na Adam or How to Book on the Devil or any other current running borderline h manga that might otherwise never get an anime now could have that chance if R18 anime becomes more acceptable.

Will we reach a point in which ecchi and R18 classified anime regularly appear side by side on seasonal anime charts with R18 shows on tv censored but uncensored online as a common thing? Could we even maybe see original series created specifically for the purpose of being an R18 anime even if just a short? So many different options. As I said it is still only the early stages of stuff like this but hopefully it takes off and begins to provide us with plenty of nice things in particular some R18 anime of a different genre and not just these female romance manga only.

Long post is long so I will end it by saying time to move on to Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji next season now.

It’s kind of funny. I decided to cover Soryo thinking it would just be a one time thing and yet I ended up having Skirt to cover during the summer and now Omiai in the fall. I kind of hope these shows do take a break at some point for a season or two so I can do other posts. Plus it will leave me conflicted if a show I want to do ends up in the same season as another show like this since covering both would be a pain.