Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 2

When you’re a trap you can go in the woman’s bathroom and do lewd things with a girl.


This episode much like the previous one had a full minute of extra content in the r18 version. Since this has happened twice now that might mean this is what they will be doing for each episode as opposed to souryo which had different amounts each time.


Shizuka is at school the next day and thinks about what happened last night and how she can’t figure out why Ryou was dressed like a woman in the first place.

Shizuka’s friend that was with her along with some other people she knows asks what happened since she just disappeared that night without saying anything. She is too embarrassed to tell them the truth about it though.

As her friend asks her about the woman she was with they hear commotion in the room only to find out it is because the same woman from that night has entered which must have got the attention of everyone. Shizuka’s friend then realizes she is the same woman from last night that left with Shizuka.

When Ryou tells the others about how they left together that night Shizuka gets mad but the others say she shouldn’t be embarrassed about leaving together since it’s not like she left with a man. As Shizuka tries to tell the others about Ryou’s secret he grabs her and says they have plans and takes her to the bathroom.

I bet she gives good handjobs.

When they get to the bathroom Ryou questions her on the guys she was with till she tells him they are just friends of that other girl she is friends with. Also it is around this point in which the r18 exclusive content starts to appear. Like I said before I’ll keep comparisons to a minimal this time unlike when I did soryo plus it would be annoying with the way this scene plays. Long story short there are a bunch of small r18 segments scattered in this bathroomstall part that the standard skips and it is easy to guess which parts those are.


As Ryou starts doing stuff to her in the bathroom they hear some people come in and they are eventually heard and the two women in the bathroom wonder if something is wrong with Shizuka since she is making noise.

As they continue to do stuff and Shizuka tries to hold back making noise the two woman start asking her if she is alright. Ryou tells her to try and be more quiet so no one hears.

You will never have that tiny ass sitting on your lap. A cruel world.

The women keep asking if she is okay and Ryou tells her to answer so they don’t discover them so Shizuka tells them she is fine so that they will leave.

The women in the bathroom leave and they are safe but Ryou realizes that it’s not a smart move┬áto do this kind of stuff where they could get caught.

Shizuka gets angry over him putting her through that and hits him before running out and the episode ends.


Webm album.


It will be interesting to see if this minute long amount of extra content remains consistent throughout the show as that would end up resulting in way more extra stuff in the r18 version than Souryo gave. Since there are no rips of the manga online from what I could find (other than some amazon previews) I have no idea when we will get to actual sex in the show but I’m going to assume it will still be a few more episodes since it will probably take a bit of build up to get to it. The art in this show is better than souryo’s was though so I am interested to see what kind of animation quality we will be getting when we finally do reach the actual sex parts.

I really hate the cliched do things to a girl in public and force her to stay quiet thing that so many hentai do. I would rather do things to a girl in private not public so she can be as loud as possible. Also the guy doing these things always is a dumbass because if they do get caught because of his actions he too will be getting fucked over as well not just the girl.