Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 5


To get a girlfriend you have to dress like a girl.


This episode gave the most amount of service so far and made up for last week’s. Not only that this was also the first time there was any real kind of censorship in the standard version since previously all the scenes that would require censoring would just be skipped while this time we see an actual censor method.


Picking up from the last episode Ryou and Shizuka run to a hotel in order to hide from the girls that are searching for them after seeing Ryou without his disguise on.

While they are in the room Shizuka starts to remember how Ryou confessed to her just before they were chased by those girls. She then questions him on how he could like her since he is good looking and she obviously thinks he is out of her league so it confuses her why he would have an interest in someone like her.

He doesn’t really answer her question and just tells her she is the first girl he has ever met that he cared enough for to actually pursue. Can’t blame him since shy girls are best girls. He also tells her that since he hasn’t done this stuff before he doesn’t know how to go slow which is probably an explanation on why he does stuff to her all the time.

Maximum lewd hand holding. At this point is when the standard version cuts away and doesn’t resume until all of the following scenes end. There is other censorship in the standard version as well later on which I’ll show examples of when we get there.

After these scenes complete is where the standard version resumes and continues on along with the r18 version. There is also another change in the standard version which I will get to soon.

Ryou tells Shizuka how much he loves her and how he wants her to get to know him more so that she can love him the same way he does to her. Shizuka then starts to tell him how she isn’t sure how she feels about him. Also at this point is where some censorship in the standard version appears in the form of Shizuka’s bra being on while in the r18 version it is removed I included both pics for comparison.


Shizuka tells him she is conflicted on her own feelings for him. She thought he was a bad person at first but then he saved her from those men earlier so she can’t hate him but she still has no idea how she feels about him overall.

Since she isn’t sure of her feelings for him he tells her she can just think of him as a boyfriend possibility and he will do everything he can for her till she makes up her mind about if she wants him. In other words he wants to date her normally and be given a chance to prove himself. Also you can see the difference between the standard and r18 version.

Ryou asks if she is okay with him trying this arrangement since he knows how shy she is around men and how it might not be easy for her. She then tells him that if he continues to dress like a woman than it should be fine since she is more comfortable with him when he is like that. Ryou agrees and tells her he will continue to dress like a woman until she is able to accept him as a man and asks her to give him her answer on if she wants him when she has made a decision.

Comparison between standard and r18.

Shizuka agrees to this and will date him while he dresses like a woman and will eventually let him know her feelings about him after she has reached a decision. So Ryou now has two reasons to cross dress the first to hide from his fans and the second to make Shizuka comfortable while he dates her and trying to convince her to like him the same way he feels for her.


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A nice increase in service for this episode made up for the lack of nudity in the last. Also we got some more plot progression as well as it has now been established that Ryou will use his cross dressing to help Shizuka overcome her shyness around men while he dates her. Since there aren’t any uploads of the manga for later chapters it is hard to tell what kind of content is coming up but I am going to assume that after this episode that sex is going to be an endgame thing. I suppose it is possible we could still get sex multiple times in the show but this episode gives the impression that it won’t happen until Shizuka accepts him which I assume won’t be till near the end since this episode really established the show as a romance driven one. But who knows since this is a short she could end up accepting him in just a few episodes and we start getting sex in a few episodes but for me I am just going to not expect it till maybe the end unlike Souryo which had it throughout.

I mentioned this back on the first episode and that is probably the big advantage Souryo had over this and that was in Souryo the characters were essentially childhood friends so the progression of their relationship seemed understandable since they knew each other for a long time prior. Meanwhile in Skirt the two lead characters have only known each other for a few days at this point so it makes sense why Shizuka would not know how she feels yet. However this also means things may progress more slowly than Souryo did as a result. The show is still giving the best service this season and hopefully it keeps up with it while finding ways to keep increasing the service as we go along regardless of what direction the story progression takes.


So let’s talk about the future. The new Senran anime was announced today and I have already taken temporary early claim of covering the show even though it probably won’t be airing until over a year from now. So as long as things don’t change or I see something else I want to cover for that season instead I will probably be the one doing it.