Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 8


Ferris wheels provide all the privacy you need to be lewd.


The extra minute of content for the r18 version is right at the beginning of the episode so both versions have two different starting points since the standard version doesn’t include these first scenes.


Starting up from the previous episode they continue with what they were doing in the Ferris wheel. At this point is when the r18 content ends and where the standard version of this episode starts.

While they are kissing Shizuka starts to think about the time she first met him and the various things that have happened since. In other words animation costs money so let’s do some flashbacks so we can save money by reusing previous scenes. So during this scene there are some flashbacks to different episodes.

As Shizuka is just about to tell him how she feels the ride starts to stop and they realize it is over and they have to get off.

Ryou helps Shizuka get redressed before they have to get off and tells her that no one should have seen them doing what they were doing in the ride and not to worry.

For a brief second we see that Ryou is in reality Slenderman in disguise hence having no face.

Just look at that operator’s face on the left. You know that he must know what went on in there and that is why he is smiling. Probably will tell his other amusement park buddies that he saw two lesbians going all out in the ride unaware that one is a man.

After getting off the ride they see that the rain has stopped which was the whole reason they got on it in the first place. Shizuka tells Ryou how he is always helping her and she wants to repay him for it. He tells her not to worry and he does those things because he wants too. Shizuka still feels guilty about it since she still hasn’t told him the answer to how she feels about him. So he tells her she can repay him by going on another date with him again.

Ryou tells her he wants to take her to a cafe next time that he has wanted to go to before and asks if she will go with him. She agrees and they leave holding hands like a real couple and the episode ends. Also of note is the ED credits..

The final part of the credits has now changed to this picture probably to symbolize that their relationship has improved and that Shizuka has started to accept him more.


Webm album.


This episode almost felt shorter than the others probably due to not a whole lot happening in it. However this episode did set up Shizuka’s feelings and showed that she has started to realize her feelings for Ryou but hasn’t gotten the chance to say it yet. There are only 4 episodes left and I think my theory from weeks ago may end up being true and we won’t get any sex in the show till the very end unlike Souryo which had it throughout. Looking ahead in the manga the first sex scene is not too far off but there is just enough content between now and then that they probably won’t reach it till the final episode if they follow the manga. My guess is that episode 9 will be the cafe date and some service from the scene at Ryou’s place in that chapter, episode 10 will probably be the introduction of the other female character, episode 11 will be some other stuff that follows and possibly the start of the scene leading to the sex, and finally episode 12 will probably be their first sex scene and the ending. This is just my guess though based on the content of the manga so they could handle it differently than that.

The Ferris wheel was in 3 episodes so when you consider this is just a 12 episode show that means the Ferris wheel was present in 1/4 of the entire show which would actually give it main character status. The Ferris wheel has actually had more screen time than the other guy character and presumably the other female character since she won’t appear until so late. So the Ferris wheel should have it’s own character description on the main characters page on the official website since the other two characters do and they are around less.