Knights of Sidonia nudity and other fanservice news


The quasi-CG anime Knights of Sidonia added a nipple to one of the gratuitous changing scenes.  Nothing to get terribly excited about, but seeing that nudity was not expected from this anime it is a bit interesting.

Machine Doll completed its BD run, adding one last token nude scene.

FREEZING Vibration released its final volume and Reinforce has already torrented the full series.

Maken-Ki Two! volume two appeared on Japanese filesharer Share a few days back and has since found its way to

Maken-Ki Two! volume two will be the next video I make, but it will probably be several days before I begin to work on it as this is a very busy time for me right now.  FREEZING is also on the to do list, but will probably be lower priority than everything else because it is such a massive project.  Machine Doll will get a video too, again, when time allows.