Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 4

Getting lewd while pretending to be engaged.


This episode used all the different censorship methods we have seen with previous episodes so far. Different scenes for different versions, longer time on the R18 version, and that object censorship used previously.

The episode starts with continuing from where the previous left off. At this point is when some R18 exclusive stuff starts. In the standard and AT-X version of the show the title for the episode appears here and then moves on to the next scene. However the R18 version has another scene about 30 seconds long here instead before displaying the title.

The R18 version gives us an additional scene that is another flashback to Mio and Kujo’s school days as well as her remembering when she first reunited with him in the first episode by showing quick clips from that. It then returns to the present to show some more of them with Kujo rubbing her. That second part makes sense to be R18 only but the flashback scene being exclusive to the R18 version is an odd choice since it could have been shown in the other versions without censoring. The only reason I can think it was not included with the other 2 versions is possibly runtime conflicts. The standard and AT-X versions have so far been only 3:30 while this episode was 4:02 so this could explain the inclusion of scenes which don’t necessarily need R18 status to be shown but instead take advantage of not having time limitations due to the episode being shown online.

After that extra content the title screen appears just like in the other 2 versions which did not contain that scene. After the title screen the next thing we see is this window and what happens next depends on the version being watched. If you are watching the standard version you get this scene to replace the more lewd stuff like in episode 2.

The AT-X and R18 version do not contain this Dragon Quest parody and instead gives us the following scene instead.

After this scene in the AT-X and R18 version or after the Dragon Quest parody in the standard version we get the following..

In case you are curious the standard version censors it this way..

Back to the story Mio agrees to pretend to be his fiancee like he told his parents. However she starts having doubts about doing this stuff with him because she wants it to be more real. She then runs away outside.

Mio says how she only wants him to tell her himself that he loves her even if he doesn’t really mean it. In other words she wants to do lewd things with him but she wants it to be more romantic since she does love him but he hasn’t said the same thing to her yet and she wants to hear it from him. Doing that would make it seem more more real rather than the fake act they are doing in front of his parents. In short she probably just wants to make sure he isn’t just using her to fool his parents and is sincere about her.

When she returns she sees Kujo sleeping on the sofa and that he has given her the bed since he has probably realized that she would not feel right sleeping in the same bed with him after her reaction earlier and gave it to her to use.

The next day Kujo acts like a stereotypical just married husband in front of his parents to make the fiancee thing seem more genuine and freaks and embarrasses Mio out in the process.

Kujo’s mom tells Mio that since she spent the whole day working she should go take a shower and that Kujo is already in there and the episode ends.


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It won’t be long now till we see just how far the show goes. Based on the pace the show is going compared to the manga the first sex scene should be in episode 6. Next episode should be the bathroom scene which is next in the manga and is of course mentioned right at the end of this one. Then after that scene will be when they first have sex in their room which will probably be saved for the episode after that which is 6 and is the end to chapter 2 in the manga. In case you have not looked at the manga that is how slow paced the show is going as a result of it being short. It will soon be halfway over in 2 weeks and yet has only went through 2 chapters at that point.

Kujo’s mom looks so young for someone who’s son is at least 21 or 22. She must have been a loli when she had him to look that young still after over 20 years.