Strike the Blood OVA Promotional Video

Yes Senpai, you can see more of my pantsu!

Warner Bros. Japan began streaming a new promotional video for the upcoming two-episode OVA of Strike the Blood on Friday. The OVA will be an original story written by Gakuto Mikumo (Asura Cryin’, Dantalian no Shoka).

The OVA’s story will pick up where the anime left off, with the characters returning to their daily lives, however, everything changes when a man with a blade starts stalking the female lead, Yukina Himeragi.

The OVA’s first part will be released on November 25, 2015 via Blu-ray format priced at 5,900 ($47.5) yen and DVD format priced 4,900 ($39.48) yen. The second part of the OVA meanwhile will be released on December 23, 2015 for the same pricing for DVD and Bly-Ray. It has also been announced that Yuka Iguchi (Toaru Majutsu no Index‘s Index Librorum Prohibitorum) will sing the OVA’s opening song, while Kanon Wakeshima will perform the ending song.