Strike the Blood – fanservice review episodes 7-11


I’m holding off on my review of episodes 4-6, as the blu-ray for those episodes has been out for some time and could become available at any time.  Instead I’m moving on, these episodes are based on the TV airing version so anything I say here will just be speculation on potential blu-ray fanservice content.


Episode 7:


Nothing of note to talk about.


Episode 8:


strike_the_blood_-_08_1 strike_the_blood_-_08_2

Nothing that will likely change on BD, but this scene was quite nice.

Episode 9:


strike_the_blood_-_09_1 strike_the_blood_-_09_2 strike_the_blood_-_09_3 strike_the_blood_-_09_4 strike_the_blood_-_09_5 strike_the_blood_-_09_6

Some nice soft service moments in this episode.

strike_the_blood_-_09_7 strike_the_blood_-_09_8 strike_the_blood_-_09_9

I’m guessing we’ll get some nipples here on BD.


Episode 10:


strike_the_blood_-_10_1 strike_the_blood_-_10_2 strike_the_blood_-_10_2a

Another wet T-shirt moment for Yukina.  We saw her nipples through her shirt back in episode two (they were faintly visible even on the censored TV broadcast).  Here though, not so much luck.

That said, you see this all the time where a censored anime will screw up and let a hard to see nipple get through, only to catch this mistake later.  I would guess there is a really decent chance we might get nipples here on BD.

strike_the_blood_-_10_3 strike_the_blood_-_10_4 strike_the_blood_-_10_5

Obvious rear end censorship, with a chance for a long distance side boob nipple add on the first pic.  Though if they do, it will just be a tiny spec of a nipple.


Episode 11:


strike_the_blood_-_11_1 strike_the_blood_-_11_2 strike_the_blood_-_11_3 strike_the_blood_-_11_4 strike_the_blood_-_11_5 strike_the_blood_-_11_6 strike_the_blood_-_11_7

More rear end censorship during a fun little scene, but not expecting nipples here.