Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 5

Super Sonico’s observer. A justified voyeurism!! XD

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another fanservice review of Super Sonico here!! Hoped you all enjoyed the fanservice so far.(^^)/ In this episode, Sonico had became famous because of her modelling career.

Meanwhile, a woman editor working for a local magazine was tasked to write an article about Sonico about the celebrities that live locally.

The woman did not expect that Sonico and her manager would agree with her to become a direct observer that follows Sonico around. XD The next day, Sonico’s grandmother brings her to Sonico’s room and she starts taking pictures of her for the whole day. XD

While Sonico is on her way to college, she decided to follow her too. XD And after that, she follows Sonico to everywhere she goes and interview the people around her too.

After that, she got herself drunk while interviewing with the patrons while Sonico is helping her granny. She told Sonico that she’ll be alright after some rest. And so, Sonico went to took a bath first. XD

She suddenly barge in the bathroom while Sonico was still bathing and took some pictures of her again. (^^)b Later, she explained that she was just trying to joke with her. Feeling that it was already enough, she went back to her home. (It was clearly not enough as we really hoped to see more of her tho XD)

The next day, she came to pick Sonico up for her classes and they both get along really well. Later, the article about Sonico was written out too. That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. Hoped you guys enjoy and stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review. Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v