Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 8 & 9

Click in to find out who’s the “Smooth Criminal” and who’s impersonating Sonico!! (^_^)

Episode 8

In this episode, Super Sonico was about to practice a rehearsal for their upcoming concert. She was later mistakenly “murdered” inside a locked waiting room. XD

Her friends were relieved when they found the she had only fallen unconscious. XD  The consequences would be much serious if it was for real. She wouldn’t be lying on the sofa by then. Just then, Suzu younger sister Ena appeared and decided to investigate the mystery that was happening. Different conclusions of the case were made……where Sonico got into a fight using her oppai but still lose out to the shopkeeper.

As Sonico’s fall was simply an accident, the mystery was no longer being investigated. After that, Sonico and the others took their leave.

Episode 9

The episode begins with some “Monsters” appearing in her room while she is playing video games about zombies. It frightens her but her cats is there to save the day. XD

After that, it was shown that Sonico wasn’t sleeping well lately. Sonico and her classmates participate in a college fair, starting off by helping out at a sailor maid café. However, her oppai is the main attraction of the show and was needed in somewhere else because she was asked to fill in for the Light Music Club and also Ouka’s modelling work in her college.

Sonico soon learns that her oppai would be participating in beauty contest, which coincides with her mini-concert, whilst the café suddenly requests her help at the same time. XD

With Sonico torn between three different jobs, Suzu and Fuuri comes out with a idea to disguise themselves as Sonico to fill in for her at the café and contest, whilst Sonico herself performs in the concert.


In the end, the idea really work out with all the commotion solved. Sonico was seen to be having a good sleep in the end. (Did those meat buns looks like oppai or it is just my mirage due to the dry ecchi seasons recently??) Whatever it is, those are some fun bags like Sonico!! (^_^)

Although the amount of fanservice seems diminished  in the recent episodes, we still hoped that everyone still enjoyed the anime and the review!! Hopefully some good amount of fanservice will be coming up!! Till then, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for more!! (^^)v