Taboo Tattoo Fanservice Review Episodes 2-3

What? You thought only sailors had tattoos? We’ll guess what, apparently adorable lolis have them too! The saga continues, and with it comes ass loads of ink and hopefully no aids needles…

Let’s kick off this double header review with episode 2.

We last left our rag tag band of hipsters fighting in the squared circle, and Adidas was giving an atomic elbow to the resident freak of the week. Randy Savage would be proud.


The fight ended up taking a lot out of him, or maybe he just had diabetes and passed out because episode 2 begins with Adidas waking up in his room.

and what a view to wake up to…


Oh yeah. Alright. Feels good. Inside.

Moving on to the OP, which is no longer my favorite after seeing the one from 91 Days…


The exposition continues, and we get a glimpse into Major Tom’s fetishes.


At least Adidas jerks off with his right hand, so would losing his left really be so bad?


Uh-oh, somebody call the domestic abuse hotline.


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. MC meets mysterious person… then that person transfers into his class…..


Also, Bluesy Fruesy?  The fuck are they smoking? Fuck that nonsense, Silver works just fine for me.

Fuck… so far the best character is Dean Scarface here.


Yeah! Best girl Silver asserts her dominance!


Move over 85 degree tits, Silver is the boss bitch in this story!


I must say though…. the girls are starting to win me back…

vlcsnap-2016-07-19-12h17m31s566 vlcsnap-2016-07-19-12h19m13s367


Hmm, what’s this?


Oooooh shit…. is this going where I think it is!?


Oooooh fuck, IT IS!


IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!111


Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  The best of both worlds!




Much better…



Seriously, I know there is a huge rift between the Oppai and Loli fandoms…  but is there Anything quite as amazing as Oppai and Loli sexing together?




No, no there isn’t. It’s as magical as peanut butter and chocolate….




Moving on, we get a quick cutaway to the “not Iran” Kingdom, and get a glimpse of the stories main villain. From what I remember about her from the manga, she shall now be known as Queen Cunt.


God damn it just look at that smug face…  I fucking hate her already.


Adidas goes to Silver’s house for a play date, and has a premonition about what it’s like to be inside the house of someone from the /k/ board on 4chan.


Hmm, I think I’d like to see Zodiac Girlfriends…


Ahh, looks like Queen Cunt usurped her countries throne. Another major similarity between reality and “not Iran” Kingdom, shit gets fucked up a lot.


This is Ground Control, calling Major Tom!!!


How fucked up are you Sir!?       Eh, not good….


Jesse Ventura calls – MIND CONTROL!


besides only the most mild of cheesecake, episode 2 shows a little skin and nothing else of substance…..




Welp, that’s it. Onto episode 3 and likely the last one I’ll be covering. This show’s cheese is not suited for a site like Fapservice.

We start off with a glimpse into the past of the loli responsible for D-Flags mind control. Sorry Queen Cunt, a small lezzy kiss doesn’t make me hate you less.


Moving on we get 2 quick scenes involving our protags continuing their fights from the last episode’s ambush. Of course our favorite Silver gets the better of the sadist attacking her. Go team.


Adidas has Pacman powers.


It’s really hard to take this show seriously with its sporadic attempts at comedy after serious moments. It doesn’t have a set tone.


Deliberate ass shot is deliberate.




See what I mean about the show’s comedy?


Can’t really expect this show to be a great saving grace of ecchi, know what I mean?

Like….  right after diseased cats we get gothic pink Lolita. fuck man…



Following more and more exposition I was surprised at how quickly the end credits came up. Lacking any meaningful ecchi substance, episode 3 comes to a close.



You can’t really blame the show for doing what it does in 2016, and it’s not all moe so I guess that’s a plus. But after this episode even if there’s a panty shot or two there really isn’t a reason for it to be covered on this site.

I’ll be following Taboo Tattoo for the action, but for ecchi I know this show won’t be stirring my loins. There are far better ecchi shows playing this season, even if the season as a whole is a let down IMO.

Props to the surprise of the year 91 Days for getting me hype as fuck. Best OP in recent memory.




In other recent perverted news I found out that Mai Shiranui (a personal favorite ecchi babe of mine) will be getting added to DoA 5. Pretty amazing if you ask me.


Actually the more amazing news is that she’s gonna be DLC for the PC version, which means she’ll inevitably be getting a nude mod.

I don’t usually shamelessly plug things, but for any DoA fan out there, or any fan of nude mods in general you should really check out lover’s lab.


Holdenmcclure’s (HDM) DoA5 nude mod is IMO the greatest nude mod ever created for a game. It’s not crazy like having a bust slider, but in terms of the mesh quality, breast proportions, and nipple detail there hasn’t been any nude mod that has impressed me like this one has. The tits look great and that’s all I care about.


Dude released a “work in progress” trailer for his latest version a couple months ago, definitely a good editing showcase.                                        Shoutout to best girl Tina.







Well, that does it for me this time gents…




“Remember, if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”