Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 2


Girls having harem misunderstandings.


There is some censorship in this episode which we saw uncensored in the pv for the show. Also this episode adds an ED to the show now though the downside to this is that it also means that the last 30 seconds are now used on credits instead of the episode itself as opposed to the previous episode that didn’t have an ED and could use that time.


Everyone has gathered together after the last episode and Hanabi is introduced to Yuu whom she saw earlier wasn’t wearing panties at the end of the previous episode. Konomi gets mad at Yuu’s touchiness towards Hanabi and runs away out of anger.

Yoriko is the better girl though.

Yoriko tells Hanabi how Konomi cried a lot when she moved away 6 years ago and probably really missed her and might be afraid that Hanabi doesn’t care about her anymore. Yoriko tells her that she should tell Konomi how she feels and she leaves to find her.

Hanabi heads to the place that she and Konomi used to play at and finds her. Konomi is surprised that she remembered since she couldn’t remember her earlier. Hanabi tells her the reason she couldn’t remember her was because of how much better she looks now than before. This makes Konomi happy and they decide to head back.

Later Yoriko tells Hanabi that she thinks Konomi has gotten out of the bath and that she should go take one. Yuu hears this and chases Hanabi till she gets into the bathroom and locks it. Eventually she breaks the door open and this causes Hanabi to fall into the tub and discovering that Konomi is still in there. Konomi gets mad and yells which doesn’t make sense since they are both girls but I guess it’s because this is supposed to be typical harem things but with a girl as the main character.

Also as you can see the bathroom scene has a duck in it which is obviously not supposed to be there. An article from last week on the Akiba’s Blog which was retweeted by the official twitter account for the show and even retweeted by the manga creator mentions that things such as the cherries and as shown this week the duck and light beams will be removed on BD. In case you are curious here is the manga page of the scene..

No nudity during the scene of course but we do get an almost completely exposed crotch.

The next day Hanabi wakes up and sees the one girl from before who was naked when she first got there. As she is looking at her a petal lands in her eye causing her to fall into the girl knocking her down. Kind of a different view compared to the manga though. For comparison if you are curious…

Doubt there will be any changes here though.

At this moment after Hanabi falls onto the girl, Konomi shows up to say sorry for yesterday in the bathroom with the others following behind. They see the two of them on the floor after Hanabi knocked the girl down. In other words the same harem misunderstanding stuff we see in other harem shows but with a girl doing them. The girl from before uses this time to tell Hanabi her name is Iori and the episode ends.

This scene had the first lightbeam censorship which we know will be removed on BD and there is even an uncensored pic of it in the pv much like how the ass pan scene from last week was shown in the pv but censored in the episode.

Got to hide them vagina bones of course. Strange since we saw Hanabi’s earlier just fine.

Also ED credits pic.

Also drawings the manga creator does for each episode. Forgot to include episode 1 last week so here are both.



WebM Album.



There still is a small bit of chapter 1 left for them to cover after this so my guess is maybe the rest of that and some of chapter 2 for next week maybe. This episode had more censorship that we have pics of uncensored thanks to the pv so we know that the BD will have changes to some degree. We also have that article from last week from the Akiba Blog that got retweeted by the official twitter account and the article said things such as the cherries,towel, chick, and lightbeams will be gone on BD.

Whether or not we have actual nudity underneath these things when removed on BD is still not 100 percent yet but we at least know and have seen evidence of changes being present on BD which we can hope delivers nudity as well. The studio having done nudity before is a plus and the manga having partial nipples helps as well but in the meantime we can just hope that maybe they will drop more hints as weeks go on and we get further in. Would be nice if they would just give us an uncensored pic of it as they have already shown us some uncensored butt pics that will be present in the BD.

At the rate the show is going I guess we won’t reach the appearance of the glasses girl which saddens me as she would had been best girl. As a result I guess I will have to deem Yoriko the best girl for the show for the time being.