Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 4



Need a bathroom.


Some lightbeams and other suspicious censorship during this episode. This one also manages to cover the whole chapter from the manga as well.


A plumber has arrived to fix a problem which we then see how this occurred through a flashback. Yuu tells the others that the toilet has broken due to her vibrator’s remote control. In the manga panel her conversation still was censored when she said vibrator but the vibrator itself wasn’t a mosaic like it was here in the anime.

Who knows if that is part of the joke or they will change it on BD.

Yoriko tells Konomi that she has already called a plumber to fix it but the two of them have somewhere to go and Hanabi and Iori are out as well so it is left to Konomi to handle things when he arrives. After they leave she realizes that she can’t use the toilet till it is fixed and as a result that thought has made her need to go now.

Konomi asks how much longer till it is fixed and he says not till noon. She realizes she can’t hold it in for much longer and must think of something to do since she doesn’t want to use a neighbor’s bathroom. She then remembers that a new convenience store just opened up nearby and she can go there to use the bathrooms. She tells the plumber she is going to take the dog for a walk and will be back soon and leaves.

Konomi arrives at the store but then the dog starts running around and she gets tied up in the leash. The important part here is the dog’s tail in the scene. It is possible this is something that might be removed on BD as the tail is not there in the manga. Also if you look really close you can see that they did draw underwear underneath and if they went to the effort it probably means it is meant to be shown. For comparison…

They didn’t show the closeup unfortunately but the rest will be something they may end up altering on BD hopefully.

Just as she is about to pee herself Hanabi shows up and stops the dog from running. Konomi asks why she is there and Hanabi says that on the way back from the opening ceremony for school she was at she ran into the others and they all decided to go to the store and saw her there. Hanabi tells her that Yuu also got a movie and asks if she wants to watch it together with them later and she agrees.

While watching the movie which they discover is a horror one the plumber tells them he has finished the repairs. As Konomi gets up to go to the bathroom finally, Yuu stops her thinking she is trying to run away because the movie is too scary. As Konomi is stuck waiting Hanabi notices her moving around and asks if she is okay thinking that she might be too scared of the movie not knowing the real reason is she has to go to the bathroom.

Konomi manages to finally get away and heads to the bathroom. Hanabi follows her since women always seem to go to the bathroom together for some reason. I just assume they are having lesbian sex when they do that as it is the only logical conclusion.

Interestingly there might be some cropping here that might be removed on BD when you compare it to the manga page of this same scene in which the camera scrolls down more.

As you can see the manga shows more and considering the panning camera just stops halfway it may be possible we will see it scroll all the way down on BD maybe.

While on the toilet a cockroach jumps on Konomi’s foot causing her to freak out and run out of the bathroom. As a result of this she ends up peeing herself as she is on the floor. Bugs being censored is a joke commonly used to empathize it as being disgusting to the person in the show but I always like to think cockroaches are censored in anime because of the cock part of their name to make it funnier. The lightbeam when she jumps out of the room is probably more buy the BD censorship to hide her butt. The manga version actually gave us a different angle of her butt when she jumped out of the bathroom though.

This angle was probably better than the anime version but it is hard to judge without seeing the anime’s angle uncensored yet.

Days later a warning is put on the bathroom to not bring stuff into the bathroom that will clog the toilet up so that this whole situation won’t happen again and the episode ends.


Also here is the pic the manga creator drew for the episode (last week didn’t have one made for some reason).



WebM Album.



The episode went through the entirety of chapter 3 so I guess that means they might be going on the rate of one chapter per episode as a result now. This episode also had some censorship in the form of the obvious beams but also there may or may not had been some screen cropping if they decide to stay true to the manga version’s of that scene. Plus the dog tail might be removed as well since it wasn’t there in the manga. Next week should be chapter 4 and this means the remaining character will be showing up now. So we might be having the first volume finish next week giving us an idea on how far they might be planning on going in the manga.

I’m kind of surprised no one has asked what happened with my 25sai posts yet. Either no one cares about that show or they have already forgotten it. The reason I have yet to finish that is because the final 2 episodes have yet to be subbed yet. I wish they would simply because I hate having the show unfinished in the back of my mind. Speaking of shows from last season the 7virtues BD comes out in a few days so I will be doing a post on that hopefully soon assuming the bonus episodes get uploaded so I can use them.