Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 5


The harem grows.


So this episode is technically part of chapter 4 and part of chapter 5 together. Almost the entirety of chapter 4 is skipped unfortunately other than the very beginning in which the new girl appears which also sadly means some service is skipped from that chapter as well. Most of the episode ends up being an adaption of chapter 5 with the very first parts of chapter 5 being skipped and also includes some changes to the chapter as well compared to the manga version. In short this episode is the first few pages of 4 and a large part of 5 put together.


Yuu returns home from the bar and brings another girl home with her. The girl tells everyone her name is Sonoa and that Yuu saved her from someone while they were at the bar and they became friends. After seeing the place Yuu lives at Sonoa decides she wants to stay there and live with them as well and ends up signing a contract making her a resident now.

The next day Hanabi is doing laundry that Konomi asked her to take care of when she runs into Iori. She tells her that everyone else is off doing errands and Sonoa is still asleep so it is just the two of them around. Iori agrees to help with the laundry and as they are heading off to to do it they notice their summer uniforms have arrived and decide they will take the time to try them on to see how they look.

After Hanabi changes into her uniform she goes to show Iori only to discover Iori has put on something else that she found in the closet instead. At that point Konomi gets home and Hanabi panics thinking she will be subjected to another misunderstanding again when they see what Iori is wearing. To prevent this she grabs Iori and runs into the closet to hide.

As they are hiding in the closet Konomi walks by looking for Hanabi. This leads to Hanabi accidently grabbing Iori’s breasts while trying to stay quiet. Konomi sees the laundry and assumes Hanabi didn’t do what she was asked and takes it herself to do and leaves. As Hanabi starts to think they are safe and apologizes to Iori her hand is grabbed by Iori who tells her to wait as she hears more people entering.

At that moment Yuu and Yoriko enter the room next trying to find them before leaving. As Hanabi struggles to stay still and not make noise in the difficult position she is in she looks at Iori and tries to think of something else before Iori tells her she can rest on her instead.

As Hanabi is thinking about what Iori just said Iori notices something in Hanabi’s hand. After checking what it is she sees it is a pair of panties she picked up somewhere. This leads to Iori pulling Hanabi’s panties down when she checks to see if Hanabi is wearing any because she probably thinks the ones in Hanabi’s hands are her own and that she forgot to put them on. A this moment Yuu returns to the room looking for them.

While they are hiding Iori moves her leg which happens to be inbetween Hanabi’s legs which results in her rubbing Hanabi’s bare crotch due to her panties being down. This causes her to let out a noise which get’s Yuu’s attention alerting her to where they are. It’s kind of hard to tell what actually happened because of the censorship in the episode but if you look at the manga page it is easier to see. For comparison..

This also lets you see the previous scene of Iori pulling down Hanabi’s panties as well uncensored.

This scene. Hanabi shivering makes me want to hug her and pet her head and tell her everything is okay.

Thinking they are having lesbian sex which she clearly did with Sonoa last night she offers Hanabi a chance to use her new vibrator which causes Hanabi to run off. This scene actually didn’t have the vibrator in it in the manga so that is something they added in. To see what the scene looked like in the manga here…

Another thing to point out is what happens next is slightly different in the anime compared to the manga but still has the same end result. In the anime Hanabi simply throws the panties in the air as she runs away and they float in the air. This is important for the end of the episode. However in the manga after running out of the room Hanabi crashes into Konomi which provides some more service as she falls onto her. This also results in Konomi discovering Hanabi doesn’t have panties on which angers her causing her to hit Hanabi which makes her throw the panties in the air as they float away instead. The floating panties are important to the final scene which is also slightly different in both versions.

Sonoa wakes up from all the noise just in time to see the panties Hanabi threw in the air flying by. In case you are curious the manga version has Sonoa already awake and walking around outside when she sees the panties flying as they hit her in the face. A shame that in the anime version of this scene they don’t show her from the front and only showed the back. It looks like from what little we can see of below the neck that she was sleeping either half naked in a nightgown or only in a bra so this could had been a chance for some anime original service not in the manga had they did that. And with that the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Also here is the art the creator drew for the 5th episode.



So when it comes to censorship we had lightbeams and darkened screens used this time. This episode itself covered 2 chapters but they managed that by skipping a bunch of stuff from the manga and even rewrote how some of it plays out. Hopefully if they are going to do that for later episodes they make sure the changes give us some service not seen in the manga like they have done a few times already. Next week might be interesting though and I really hope they don’t skip what is coming up. The next chapter is a water gun fight that everyone takes part in which not only gives some service because of the nature of it but the next chapter is when some blatant nipples appear in the manga.

I mentioned it back in episode 1 but the manga chapter of what is next features Sonoa’s shirt getting wet and nipples being clearly visible through the shirt. So hopefully they keep that part in and even though it will obviously be censored for the tv version it will at least give us an idea of how serious they may be about nudity in this. Would be really nice if the episode is rewritten to give some more service for the others as well along with what the manga already provides. So next week may or may not end up being the best episode so far if they don’t skip that chapter and keep some of the stuff in it.

Would have been perfect if this week had been the water gun fight episode instead. Since I just did the post on the 7virtues BD episodes a few days ago which featured a water gun fight that would had made such an episode for this show perfectly timed. It would be like all the shows I end up covering are fated to be connected in some way.