Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 11

And with magic, Senpai will…

…make all the fanservice disappear from this episode!

Well, not really…

We pass the first half of the episode with Assistant-kun keeping company to Senpai and Saki-san. Senpai is playing around trying to master a trick with rubber balls and this leads to a half-awkward, half-romantic situation that she obviously doesn’t get.

(No matter how much effort she puts in, she never gets it right.) (“Your hands are so big!” trope. Check.) (Obviously, it’s related to making magic tricks, don’t think it’s romantic or anything…)


Saki-san, on the other hand, is moping because Ma-kun is being cold with her. Assistant-kun, out of boredom, tries to cheer her up and while he’s not that good at it she seems to appreciate it. Just part of a daily school life.

(This is how a withdrawal crisis looks like.) (No one can blame him for that.) (Saki is not amused by the un-cuteness of Assistant-kun’s imitation of Ma-kun.) (Do it!) (Seriously, DO IT!) (Yeah, apparently Saki’s kink is making puppets of her aquaintances…) (And then she leaves this as gift to Assistant-kun.) (Thorough to the last detail.)


Then craziness lets loose when Ma-kun sees Senpai going around with a man. The whole troupe ends up tailing her… as usual with weird developments and mixed results.

(Two of them are clearly fed up, since she didn’t do anything suspicious for the whole day.) (Finally!) (Actually, no.) (She may be a thot, but a lovely one.) (Department store. And it may be already too much.) (Lingerie shop. And someone is about to snap.) (Totally delusional image when the stranger says “Jump in my minivan!”)   (And he snaps… well, it ended up being something totally different than what they thought…)



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Overall thoughts: This episode sadly was all about gags, but Saki-san’s trashy sluttiness saves the day.