Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 6

And now… from nowhere… we will make appear…

huge jugs.

I don’t know why, but that’s it.

(Speaking in place of the whole audience, “Yes, we do”.)


This episode starts with the dramatic entrance of a strange duo: a redhead that while waiting for a proper name, we will call Cowtits Senpai and her “little brother”, the chubby Ma-kun (that seems the only named character of the whole show). They came to the (not) Club of Magic to hijack it into the Street Performers Club (like a sort of dojoyaburi). Well, whatever, it only means there’re other crazy people around. Note that Senpai apparently is afraid of balloons since they have the strange habit of exploding.

(Kudos to him for even trying to speak coherently.) (Well, she’s cute even when she’s angry.) (Her little bro… emphasis on “little”.) (*Applauds*) (I’m pretty sure your stage props are not there, but keep going…)


Everything goes (even more) down the sink the moment Oneesan Sensei strides in and decides to resolve who’s the top-dog of the Club, since she just decided that she’s their advisor. Using the criteria that leaves less doubt: Boobs.
You may not know why, I may not know how, but it doesn’t matter. Tejina Senpai wins the challenge and the Magic Club acquires two new members.

(This is a sumo match I would watch every day.) (Just so you know, this is not how you weigh breasts. That said 2.2 kg means those boobs are huge)


But no worries, since apparently the new members don’t show up and Senpai decides it’s time to try hypnotism on Assistant-kun. And she fails. So she dares him to try hypnotism on her and she falls for it hook, line and sinker.

(Now that you’re this bottle, I’m tickling!) (And this, my friends, is the point where a huge load of doujins will start.) (Now you’re at an onsen!) (Hell yeah!) (I’m sure she simply doesn’t mind getting underdressed in the classroom, since it happens pretty much each and every episode…) (And now you’re a cat!) (…a cat that forgot to put on shirt and bra, apparently.) (If it works, we can end the show here.) (Regretfully, not even hypnotism can make a miracle happen.)



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Overall thoughts: Two heads are better than one. So two busty Senpais should be better then one, right?