Tenpuru 08 Fanservice Review

Praise be the onsen episode.

Another episode of temple, this time episode 8. The starting half of this episode is pretty tame and not much happens, just a wholesome Christmas episode which was pretty fun to watch, but the second half of this episode is probably the best ecchi we have gotten this season. They adapted chapter 27 for the first half and then 39 and 40 for the second half. So much good ecchi and all of it was done well, of course not uncensored but there’s no nipples in the manga either. The ecchi drought is finally over with this episode.

Kurage so cute.

The gift of ecchi Mia photos.

Kagura planning something.

The start of the sauce.

Another round of ecchi, so much packed into one episode for this series.

Kagura basically says if he leaves she will pay off his debt because Mia needs to fulfill her family goals and she can’t do that with Akagami there.

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What a great episode, so much content and even more than what was done in the manga. Really glad that the anime decided to adapt chapters 39 and 40, I thought they wouldn’t get that far. I’m not quite sure what chapters they will adapt next, I assume it will just be 41 but if it’s more ecchi I’m all for it. A lot of the bodies of the girls were shown in this episode which is done pretty rarely in onsen scenes unless it’s a heavy ecchi show, it was hard to capture in just images so watching the episode is definitely recommended. All the art was great, a memorable scene was when Akagami was in front of the moonlight coming through the window, They added a nice particle effect which may be hard to see in a screenshot. Overall, really happy with this week’s episode and they managed to pack so much in a single half, I hope you enjoyed it as well.