Tenpuru Episode 02 Fanservice Review

Beating the second boss!

I will be taking over Tenpuru for this season. As I didn’t make the first review, I went back and watched episode 1 and think this is a pretty interesting show! I agree that it’s a mix of comedy and ecchi which is my favourite type of ecchi and I lowkey like it more than the overly sexual shows. The second episode consists of Tsukuyo trying to get Akemitsu kicked out of the nunnery so Akemitsu must overcome this second girl in order to stay. Not much ecchi in this episode, I may read up on the manga to see where the show goes and how much more ecchi there is, but I was pleasantly surprised by the writing, going in blind. While I was watching the show, I couldn’t shake the thought that the MC looks exactly like Tomo-chan from a couple seasons ago.

Episode 2:


The temple deity, held together by tape because they are poor.

The council meeting of how they can get rid of Akemitsu.

I accidently paused on this screencap but surely there’s a reason she made this exact hand symbol.

They ended up deciding that Tsukuyo has the best body so she should be the one to seduce Akemitsu to get him kicked out.

This is studio Gekkou’s second anime other than My One-Hit Kill Sister and I’m pretty happy with the animation so far, while it hasn’t had to do anything difficult, it is pretty decent looking for a new studio.

The seduction plan starts.

At this point there’s a misunderstanding that Akemitsu is kicked out for good.

For the first time ever, an anime character turns himself in for sexual harassment.

And the police basically tells him to get lost.

His apartment was already leased out and all his stuff is gone.

This man is homeless and still thinking of titties.

Thinking of selling his organs.

The price for taking her first kiss.

Kurage says that sometimes you need to give in to your perverted desires.

The next boss appears.


This is a pretty typical harem storyline starting out, he has to go through every girl and gain their trust one way or another cause deep down he’s a genuine, horny dude. The character designs for everyone is pretty ordinary except for Kurage, I like her hair design a lot. The MC has like no personality outside of not wanting to be a horndog and then being one, but I’ll most likely read ahead in the manga to see where it leads and to be able to input manga panels as well to compare them. While I say it’s all stereotypical things, I don’t really mind that and it’s something fun you can watch and turn your brain off. We’ll see where the show goes and hope for more ecchi in the next episode.