Tenpuru Episode 03 Fanservice Review

Batsu game!

This week’s Tenpuru episode does not have much ecchi, it is more character building and further getting to know the rest of the girls. This episode focuses on Mia and Kagura, with Mia being the main girl and Kagura supporting. I do like this episode as it’s starts and finishes with the Mia story succinctly while starting the next story arc towards the end of the episode. They also get into the backstory of Mia which they didn’t with any of the Aoba sisters. One thing I noticed consistently was how different Akemitu’s face is in nearly every shot which took me out of the episode a few times. In terms of the manga, I was surprised with how they rearranged the story, last episode ends on chapter 8 and this episode ends with the start of chapter 9. The entire story shown in episode 3 is chapters 14-16, it was a smart rearrangement because Mia isn’t introduced until after the next story arc which is a bit strange in the manga.

Mia challenges Akemitsu to a battle.

The punishment for Akemitsu is castration.

He realises he should probably just get a castration to stop his desires. Never seen a man so ready to get castrated.

This is not a great illustration to be honest. The manga as seen below looks much nicer, the tape is supposed to be getting pulled back with more force, but it doesn’t even look like it and the tits just look strange.

With this, Mia ends up losing the challenge.

Akemitsu wants the book of penances, but she thinks he wants her.

Her face illustrations in this episode were great and showed a lot of different emotions while still looking like her.

Another example of a great illustration.

Her backstory is very similar to Akemitsu which they end up bonding over.

They end up playing twister as one of the penances, effectively “playing” as Yuzuki said too. Also, her stocking shouldn’t cover her feet as seen in the rest of the episode, a lapse of judgement from the animators as they made a mistake.

This is where the manga actually goes next after episode 2 in the manga, Yuzuki has to go to a marriage meeting to keep the temple afloat because the temple needs a head priest.


The episode ends with Akemitsu and Yuzuki running to the meeting and trying to use a scooter and then getting aboard a moving truck because they missed the bus. I think the way they rearranged the story was a good choice but there wasn’t much ecchi in this episode. Next episode, I’m hoping they include chapters 9-12 which would have a great ecchi scene. I’m liking all of the girls in the show, generally they don’t all become likable after starting off as hostile but everyone we have seen so far are all different and interesting in their own way. The ecchi art does need to step it up a little bit though as it’s running pretty dry so far. Now that we’re introduced to harem let me know which girl is your favourite!